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still in the game

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I just haven't been weighing in. Today I want to do some Yoga. I need some more sage.. good thing it's spring!!
Today is rainy so I think it would be good to pull some weeds. I want to drink some Organic green tea this morning. Take my dog out while I am pulling weeds. I really need to organize our closet so that we have some room in the kids' room HA HA HA that sounded redundant. My husband sprayed around the windows and doors so that we don't have arachnophobia going on in our home. LOL yesterday we had 4 spiders at different times in our house. Then he sprayed. Any way, I need to do my usual chores, floors & dishes. I am almost caught up with dishes.

My body feels like it needs a break. Like digestive wise. I don't feel like eating meat right now. I know that meat takes 3 days to get out of your body. Ewww I have been constipated so I really need to drink a lot of water. I kind of feel like eating salads and fruit today. I bought a mango and some bananas yesterday. I'll be really low in weigh in because the fruit will help get rid of food in my gut. I got some tea yum! I am reading about the health benefits of green tea right now. It's pretty amazing that the ECGC can counteract fat. So I don't want to weigh in. I bought some new work out pants yesterday. I really hope I have energy to do all kinds of things. I should be 226 by the end of the week. I want to make weigh in's not so important. I notice I need to eat late at night so that I am not sick in the morning.

I cut my hair yesterday. I always cut my hair. I want to color it with henna. I need a job. I need to lose weight. I need to call a school.

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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Just a quick comment before heading off to work. Read ponds and inches-/ things you plan to buy and eat are not on the diet and will take you out of fat burning and you might not make goal. The carbs in the fruit you mention are too high to keep you in ketosis. Good luck and best wishes!
  2. 9mamamia's Avatar
    Thanks! I have read pounds and inches and I am willing to take the risk just to see for myself. I have read the contradictory side saying that high carbs from fruits and veggies put you in a much higher ketosis rate.
  3. Bavalay21's Avatar
    I check ketones every morning so I know that I am in it. If you don't already have them you can get ketone strips and check with your first urine. That will be your first indication if the fruits and veggies work for your body. Wish I could have those things but my body says no