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Planned Interruption and Leptin reset

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I could have sworn I blogged about this, but it appears not!

I'm taking a planned interruption because of an 11 day stall pissing me off to the point where I just went *eff it. But, I'm using my planned interruption wisely and am putting leptin resetting rules in to place. I've been reading up on leptin over a number of different message boards and blogs and I've ordered the book Mastering Leptin that all of them refer to.. but I thought I'd put Jack Kruse's rules in place for my planned interruption and see how they work for me.

Those rules are:
* eating within 30 minutes of waking up
* Front loading protein, working my way up to 50grams for breakfast
* 3 meals a day NO SNACKS
* Meals spaced 4 - 6 hours apart
* Last meal a minumum of 4 hours before bed
* 25 - 50g carb per day
* If over a BMI of 30 NO EXERCISE, BMI 25-30 heavy weight lifting in the evening only, BMI 25 or under HIIT + weightlifting (he thinks cardio is the devil.. I like this )

You can read more:
http://jackkruse.com/my-leptin-prescription/ (Dr Kruse's blog)
http://www.marksdailyapple.com/forum/thread32345.html (thread of people working with his plan)
http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforum...iet-plan-28522/ (another thread on a different forum of people working with his plan)

So far I'm sitting nicely under my LDW which is something that did not ever happen last p3. I'm also really enjoying my big huge breakfasts every morning (all 3 of them so far!) and apart from last night where I succumbed to mindless stress eating I have been pretty good with the no snacks.

When I go back into p2 I'm going to tweak things (just for a change) so I can continue with the reset. I'll add a protein shake back in first thing, eliminate fruit entirely and continue not eating my melba. Let's see how this goes..

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