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I have spent most of this round feeling like I had salmonella poisonining again what with *cough* explosive and painful TMI etc. This morning I got fed up and pulled out my pendulum and used it to dowse for what it is that's causing these stomach issues. So I asked if it was because of my food. No. I then checked every single one of my supplements. All not the cause (this time anyway). Finally I tested the HCG pellets. Yes. WTF???

So I went through and asked it for every ingredient "is this what is causing the issue" and it said yes to L-Ominthine being the culprit. I don't recall seeing that on the bottle of my drops for last round, which explains why I didn't have this issue last round.

So, the pendulum (for as much as anyone believes in it) says that that's the cause and that although it's painful and kind of gross it's not going to cause me any permanent damage, nor is it going to affect my loss of abnormal fat versus normal fat and that it's okay for me to finish out this round still using the pellets.

Sooooooooooo... anyone want to tell me how crazy I sound right now?

I'm finally 1lb under LDW, and I do want to keep going. I guess I just have to weigh up how demoralising 21 days of a very sore stomach and nether regions are against a potentially good weight loss. Or is that's crazy talk and I should get off them immediately and go back to trying like mad to heal my gut (from the salmonella poisoning + inflammatory bowle disease).

Will think on it and see how today goes.

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  1. Jake_NC's Avatar
    Wow! You dowse? So do I!.... I've got 3 pendulums that I've been using for over a decade. My grandfather, a old farmer guy, taught me how to dowse with rods for water when I was a kid. You aren't crazy. You are cool.
  2. abbey's Avatar
    My mum made me my pendulum and taught me how to dowse My dad can dowse with sticks to find water too! And oil apparently..

    When they lived in Houston they somehow got involved with a bunch of people who take dowsing very seriously and have monthly meetings to discuss new techniques and improvements in divination. I'll have to ask them what the name of the group was, it's likely there are chapters of it all over the US.

    Last round I came across a technique to use to dowse with your fingers where you put your thumb and pinky together to form a circuit for your left hand and then use your right hand thumb and pointer to try and push the fingers apart and break the circuit. Apparently a bunch of people tried it after I posted about it and said it didn't work :P but I found it pretty effective except when I was trying to delude myself that having a bit of cheese really WOULDN'T be a bad thing where I think my wanting the cheese kind of overran to actual knowledge of the test
  3. Jake_NC's Avatar
    The common name for the kind of finger dowsing you are describing is "muscle testing". I learned that technique from my energy worker that I used to go to when I lived in Utah. I actually used muscle testing about a week ago when I couldn't decide between two books I wanted at Barnes and Noble. All these forms of divination require practice and they don't tend to work well with people who are overly skeptical or lack intuition.
  4. abbey's Avatar
    Or those who are Jonesing for cheese... obviously