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4 lbs Gone doing steak day!!

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Well, I had the most amazing thing happen and felt I needed to Blog it! I did a steak day yesterday as I had about 1/2 cup of white rice Monday night and went up 2 lbs after losing it on a steak day! So, I did another steak day last night. I did nibble a tad here and there but barely. Had a nice prime clean steak that weighed slightly around a lb but it had a bone and the cut was on the thin side. Had a cortland apple after and today.........Ta Da..... 4 lbs G O N E!! I was shocked!! Totally shocked!! Last one I did I went down 2.4 and didn't nibble at all. Some do what they call a modified steak day and they actually lose more than when they do the conventional steak day. I am just so glad that I am 1.2lbs UNDER LDW! Never imagined it would bring me this low. Now, I only have to manage keeping myself here! I have avoided the holiday munching and sampling. I must!! I will indulge but, not too extreme. My friend is coming Sat-Mon and I must keep myself in check. She wants to hear about this diet! She is going to be shocked when she see's me.

Just wanted to share this amazing news and to let others out there know, it can be done! We just need to find what works for us. Now I know I can do it!! Yeah!! So liberating!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good for u! I have the same to be true for me, high protein days work really well. I did one yesterday, but I eat the protein from the morning to night, and lost 1.8 lbs. yesterday, with one slight cheat--a slice off a cream cheese Entenmanns Crumb Cake (I luv those, and had this one slice left, so I ate it), still lost with the high protein. It's great to know we now know what to do if gains happen, and they will. I do believe it does make a difference that we take care of business before too much time elapses, however, don't u? Keep it up, u sound like u're in a good place! Happy Holidays, enjoy your friend's visit, and all the oohs, and aahs u will get! U deserve them!
  2. Maxine's Avatar
    what did you nibble on? way to go!!
  3. britt8tink's Avatar
    Whooohooo!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!!!
  4. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for the comments! I nibbled on a small handful of cashews and a small bite of a sample of some bread at the market i was at. Not much really. I am starting to really LIKE these steak days! Didn't ever want to do one and now, planning the next one! Might need a few after this weekends baking and my friends visit! Hahaha