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Day two of P3 so far so good

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Haven't written in a while and wanted to give my update. I finished round two on Oct 25th. I ended at 142.4 and dropped two days after to 140.8 as of yesterday. Today TOM showed up so I am 142.2 which is 1.4 up from yesterday. To be expected with TOM. I was hungry yesterday so ate lots of protein and was loving it! I did have a small handful of almonds and did this last time after day 4 so was worried but I think it was okay. I would have known better if TOM was not here. I plan to go to the gym monday and start my cardio and weight lifting again. Anxious to see what happens as I did not do this last round as I knew in six weeks I was going to redo the process. Now, I am done and will lose the remainder of weight hopefully through wise eating and working out. I think I can do it! I am so glad I found HCG and would never have lost 38lbs otherwise. That number fluxuates but was 40lbs yesterday. This diet is so incredible! I will Blog again about my progress.

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  1. 2manydaystillfri's Avatar
    You did great! Congrats! Well you already know how p3 is extra food in belly=small gain at the scale. No big. Enjoy stabilizing! So great being done. HCG is a miracle and heaven sent!
  2. britt8tink's Avatar
    Stupid TOM!!! You've done so well and I'm so happy for you and your successes!!!
  3. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks 2many and britt. I feel good about it. Such a new world now. Looking for new clothes is still a big shock! I am shopping Goodwill's and boy, did I find a great one yesterday. Going back with my senior citizen friend next week to save!! Such great finds!

  4. mspanda's Avatar
    woo hoo! gym time is the best time!