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In the Game!

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My last blog was before Christmas and I was baking and had company. Went up to 151 and did a steak day yesterday and now am 148.4 and not stopping there. I am P4 and my goal is to get to LDW or below then heading for the 130's with sensible eating, fasting, steak days and just being in the game. If that does not work, doing another round in March. At my LDW of 142, I feel to get to 135 I can manage that through good eating and working out. We shall see. Have to have a goal!

Still have loads of Christmas cookies that I would love to eat but will not! Nope, its Fage with blueberry's, shakes, meat and salads and veggies for this loser! I can do it!! Today is a P3 eating and tomorrow another steak day. LDW here I come!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Ab. I think your plan is totally doable. I started a 3rd round, because I could see myself getting sucked into bad habits again. Don't want that. Plus I think my goal weight needs to be lowered a tad, otherwise I would have done as u are suggesting, to lose just 12/13 lbs. The high protein days and sensible eating could very well get u where u want to go. And like you said, if not, you can schedule a short round later. Good luck, and keep us posted, will be curious to see how this goes
  2. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks Dubs, I need to get to my LDW which should not be too painful as I have been as low as 139 so, my body will remember or I will make it!! LOL I am interested to see too if I can do this get below my LDW 7-8 lbs without HCG with it not taking too long. The vets one here are telling me it can be done. We shall see and I most definately plan to blog it along the way! Congrats to you also!
  3. tracker's Avatar
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