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Almost @ P2.......my last round!!

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Just wanted to blog about where I am at and where I am soon going to be. I have done two successful rounds losing 40 lbs. I never cheated until my last P4. I didn't cheat but did not slowly add in the carbs and sugars nor did I do P4 totally correctly. However, I ended my last round @ 26 days due to Thanksgiving and my trip during that time. The day we left, I weighed 139 and that was day 1 of P4. The mistake I made was going on vacation and not really caring about P4 and the rules. I ate well but also ate bad with having beer quite often. Beer is not my friend. I went up in a week to 11 lbs. I either did not eat enough and when I did, I drank beer. I was very good about what I ate but think I was not eating enough protein etc. I came back in a week and lost 4 lbs. My body is settling at the higher number where I was on the vacation rather than where I was at the end of P3. It has been impossible for me to get back down to my LDW. I have done many steak days and do well, but once I drop pounds, I eat more the next day. Not good.

I know I must do another round to reset my body otherwise, I will remain at this weight and I do not like it. Furthermore, I have a gut that I am determined to lose. I am excited that at the end of this month I will be in P2 again and my gut will be forever gone. I now know what to do to keep it off, I just have to apply it. I do not intend on going on and on with HCG to maintain a healthy weight either.

The moral of my story is, one must do all the phase to their entirety to maintain the weight and to keep it there. I did great my first round and second, up until the P4 of the last. I lived and learned. I am ready for my final round and can not wait!

I will blog again once in P2. Till then happy losing or maintaining!!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Abinco, so understand what u're saying. I did exactly the same, did ok in p3, then went out of town for extended stays at daughter's and did not follow any rules to do p4 correctly. No gradual anything. And yes I gained a little. So I felt like my 2nd round was a bust. But this time, I'm determined to do p3 and p4 by the book. Like u, I hope this is my last round, and don't want to be doing p2 off and on for life. Maybe ocassionally, but not normally. Not every 6 months even. There is a method to maintenance, not a method to the madness I was doing. Must follow the method.
  2. Abinco's Avatar
    I hear you Dubbles! Perfectly stated!