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P3 day 9 and stabalizing...........

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I am on day 9 of phase 3 and dead on with my LDW which is 142.4. I am stabalizing perfectly and did last round also. Very weird as my metabolisum was always SLOW and now I am stabalized. Yesterday I woke to 144.6 then after a movement I was 141.6! I was so excited! Actually amazed. Today I am hopefully going to have a movement and perhaps weigh less. It does not happen everytime. I am loving this diet. Went from an 8 down to size 6 jeans and loving it! I have lost so many inches since entering this phase its crazy. A week or so ago 8's fit and were a bit snug. Not now! This is the greatest diet. Not sure why some feel its not healthy. Being over weight is not healthy. I feel great, have tons of energy and look forward to toning. The only downside is my bust now need help. I always said there was no way I would ever get a bust job and now, I want one for sure! Went down a whole size. I have always been blessed there so I assumed I would not lose much but, big time. They are sorry for sure. Oh well, its still worth it to have lost almost 40lbs in two rounds and I felt I would always be over weight. Not now! Loving the "new" me! My whole frame of mind has changed. Its amazing how much more confidence I have. I thought I had plenty. The diet is so much more than just losing weight, its also helps you to dive deep into yourself and feel great about what you accomplishing. I am finally FREE!!

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  1. anh2100's Avatar
    That is so great you are doing so well and still losing inches Woot!I feel you on the boob situation,mine are so much more um deflated lol.I am hoping that I can save up enough dough in a few years to get one.
  2. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks, I am hoping to have enough this summer. We shall see. Things could be worse, I could still weigh 180 lbs!
  3. britt8tink's Avatar
    WHOOOHOOO for how awesome you are doing!!!!! I am just as happy for you as you are! It's AWESOME!!!
  4. Abinco's Avatar
    Thanks Britt !! Happy Anniversary!
  5. wasa4's Avatar
    Great job!!! And great advice the other day! I ate a lot of protein after my 72 hours and the scale went right down this morning to my LDW 148. I ate so much yesterday I thought for sure I gained. Funny thing is, all I crave is protein. That's a change from the old days!
  6. Abinco's Avatar
    Oh thats great wasa4! So happy for you Yippee!! I know what you mean about your cravings have changed. I crave Fage yogart. Oh how I love it!
  7. Abinco's Avatar
    Update..........I forgot to put this earlier, I weighed myself again around noon and I went down like yesterday to 141.6. So, I am .8 below LDW. I bounce between my LDW of 142.4 and below 141.6. So so happy!
  8. wasa4's Avatar
    Yea Baby! Way to go! I woke up today ,again convinced I would have put on weight because I've been eating like I have a tapeworm! I'm 1/2 pound down! Now at 147.5! Unbelievable!
  9. Abinco's Avatar
    Great job wasa!! Glad it worked!! YEAH to you!!