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Here is my HCG Story (long winded story

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For those who havenít figured it out I am in the Air Force, 17 years now (almost 18 actuallyÖ scary thought Iím so close to retirement). I come from a family of bigger females... we are chesty and curvyÖ well somewhere along the way my curves got away from me and I wasnít happy... and I tried to eat away my problems. I noticed when I eat any type of pasta/bread/pastry/sweets my body didnít react kindly too it (but I didnít test positive for gluten intolerance) and chocolate isnít my friend... I canít sit down and eat just a single piece of anything... I can certainly eat a whole box of something but I can never seem to stop at just one.

In 2009, I was deployed to the Middle East for a year, I decided because my eating options were so limited I was going to do something about my weight and started looking into different options and I found HCG. The only HCG I could get there was hhcg. I started it weighing about 190 pounds and did 3 rounds of hhcg and ended weighing 135. The 1st round I didnít load at all and really hungry the whole time, it was a short round (approx 20 days). The 2nd round I loaded really and as recommended and was still hungry all the time so I played around with my dosage and it helped but I still felt hungry (approx 30 day round). The last round I decided to low card and play with my dosage as needed and I felt so much better and in control. I hardly felt any hunger at all and was able to stabilize at the end (approx 45 day round). Total hhcg time was 95 days. I felt amazingÖ I never told anyone how I really did it because my family/friends arenít exactly supportive sometimes and even then they werenít. My coworkers even gave me a hard time. I stabilized for a good 6 months and then had to move to another location. The move really messed me up because I fell back into bad eating habits and slowly starting gaining the weight back even though I was working out.

Fast forward to summer 2013, I am in Spain and loving life but back to being overweight and not happy. I am trying everything I can to lose weight and nothing is working. I work out, I eat pretty healthy, but nothing works. I half heartedly try hhcg and nothing. Again fast forward to summer 2014 when I return from a summer vacation around the UK with my friend and my migraines (which I have had my whole life) are getting worse and she recommends I get put on topamax because it really worked for her migraines and really helped her lose weight. So my Dr said we could try it. Well within 6 weeks, I gained 15 pounds (which put me at 180 pounds). I freaked out! I talked to my Dr, and he put me on propanolol, which gave me a ton of other bad reactions worse than the weight gain from topamax so I asked to be put back on topamax. At that point I really sat down and examined my eating habits and had to make a decision. I looked at what eating bread/pasta/sweets/pastryís do to me and how they make me feel Ė both inside my body and mentally. I thought about how, when I ate them I never could seem to eat just one of them, I always seemed to want to eat 2 or 5 or even the whole darn box! And donít even ask about chocolate! Itís even worse. Cake, itís the same reaction. I knew if I wanted to make a life style change and really have any weight loss be long term, I had to make a decision that I cannot have these types of items be a staple in my diet any more. And I removed them from my diet at that very moment, and I havenít eaten them since. I only have of a spoonful of splenda in my bubba cup of coffee in the morning. I donít have any fruit in my diet.

Around the time I noticed the weight gain I decided I was going to do HCG again but wanted to see if I could find the injections. I had hhcg on hand so I started loading (cleanly) and doing hhcg while researching injections that I could receive in here. So far I think I have lost close to 10 pounds and I am feeling great.

I do break some of the protocol rules sometimes though:
I donít eat fruits (the sugar in it doesnít work with me). I use Splenda not Stevia (it gives me migraines). I do allow myself to eat some veggies that arenít on the list. I use 2 single mini moos in my coffee a day. I donít consistently weigh myself every day, I try... I really doÖbut when Iím running late I just donít have the time to step on the scale. I do exercise (kind of a requirement for us military folks). I chew sugar free gum. (The first 2 rounds I was very strict to the protocol with the exception of the splenda and mini mooís for my coffee, the last round I pretty much followed what is above).

Iím nervous about starting the injections. If you knew me you would understand why. Every time I have to get a shot or get blood taken for any reason, I have to turn my head away. So the thought of having to give myself a shot is scary to me. But I think I might have better results with the injections.

Iím posting this blog with hopes that I can get some support, and maybe provide some support for those who are doing things a little different and might feel they are doing something wrong.

I know people will probably not agree with stuff I have posted, especially about not following the protocol to the letter but it has worked and does work for me. I listen to my body.

Have a wonderful week and best of luck on your HCG journey.

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