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1st day

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I have always been a bit heavier, through out my whole life. My weight has been up and down more times than I am afraid to admit it. I also have a mild hypothyroid among a few other things. I have lost 50lbs on my own through healthy diet and vigorous exercise. I used to hate working out but I love it now, jogging and spinning are among my two most favorite things to do. I've stalled for the past month even though I was consuming less calories and exercising more.
Today August 8, 2011 I am on my first loading day and I've consumed a mocha frap and a small tuna melt sandwich, after all the diet and hard workout sessions it feels so wrong to eat this yummy foods but all for the sake of losing weight.
I am extremely hopeful that the HCG diet will help me based on the wonderful things I've read here, and also witnessing my husband drop 10 lbs in one week! amazing!
So here's to the beginning of something amazing.

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  1. Doxiemama's Avatar
    Just a note saying best of luck..I'm new here too. Just finished my Load Days and was down 2.7# this morning day one VLCD!!!!! Sooooo, I'm optimistic
  2. Perseverance's Avatar
    Good luck to you. I am just finishing round 1 and have lost 31.5 lbs. I am very optimistic for round2.
  3. Doxiemama's Avatar
    HOLY Carrumba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 How many days???? That is AWSOME!!!!!!!!
  4. agk's Avatar
    Thank you so much everyone, sorry for the late reply I am still getting used to the site. I am on the 500 cal period now and I feel so much better. I will be posting about my progress.