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Loading Fats vs P3/P4 Fats

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Something I've always wondered about, and even moreso with the recent influx of first-timers: Fats. On a basic level, I get it. They're not the enemy. Many of them are good for you in moderation. When I'm not in P2, I definitely don't cut them out of my diet (moderation and type of fats is key).

But as many people that have done more than one round will readily tell you, they're shocked at how much food and fat they can eat in P3 and P4 while not gaining an ounce (and sometimes even losing a little). I had this experience as well. Perhaps the hard wiring in the brain is so difficult to undo that many of us still shy away from fats even though we know we shouldn't. This last P3, I did the opposite. I dove in headfirst. I've never eaten so much fat in my life (because I'd always made an effort not to). Yet I never gained.

So... If you're already eating a lot of fat (and what is "a lot", really, anyway? Say, 120g+ per day?), how is loading any different? For me, I'm curious every time I load. I eat avocados, butter, oils, coconut, and animal/dairy fats every single day (including FFF, of course - my favorite!). Without completely taking fruits and veggies out and switching to ONLY meats/dairy/nuts/fats for loading, how much of a difference does loading make from a moderate-to-heavy-in-fat P3?

Yes, things like this are what I sit around and ponder.

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