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VLCD10: Gained 0.1. TOM? Burn?

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VLCD 10. Woke up 0.1. Felt good yesterday. You know how sometimes you just FEEL like you're body is working well for you and you know you'll lose? That's how I felt yesterday. Guess I was wrong.

I burned myself yesterday, of course. So maybe there's some generalized inflammation from that.

Also, since starting with an IUD as birth control, TOM has been irregular. It's not often that I get it to begin with, thankfully, and hopefully it will just stop on it's own (it's only been a few months since I got the IUD). So, it's possible that TOM could be coming and I'm just not aware of it yet.

Either way, I'm not thrilled at any gain for any reason in P2. It's aggravating anyway, and it makes me wonder if my body is going to start fighting me every step of the way to get below each new "lowest" weight. Hopefully not. I'm doing a long round, so I still have 30 days for my crazy body to work it's kinks out. Crossing fingers!

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