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No-Weigh Worry-Free Weekend

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Ahhhhh. How nice it is.

If you're not doing anything different day to day, and you're POP, you don't have to weigh yourself every day. You know this. I know this. But it's difficult NOT to, isn't it? It's like getting up on Christmas and rushing to the scale to see what Weighty Claus brought you! The trouble with this is that most of us slow down midway through our rounds. When is it more imperative to keep your motivation high and your disappointment low? Close to the end of P2!

So, rather than weighing every day and seeing the minutia of water weight fluctuations and what-have-you, I've decided to NOT. Undecided what I'll do during the week, but having a solid weekend of not weighing has been blissful. And whatever the scale says tomorrow, the scale says tomorrow. Because here's the thing: P2 is the only serious phase that you can get away with skipping the scale on. Correction days aren't for P2, so what do you do if you gain something? Nothing. What do you do if you stall? Or lose something? Nothing!

Yesterday morning, I'll admit, it did get to me for a little bit. But once the feeling passed (and I got some coffee in me, negating any weight being accurate for the rest of the day anyway), I honestly didn't think about it again. It certainly beat stressing over why I didn't lose, if I was about the stall, why the number didn't change, etc. Same thing today!

Sunday funday, indeed. Very relaxing.

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  1. 2014nycme's Avatar
    I like this... a nice read!
  2. happidaz's Avatar
    It does feel good indeed. I'm on Day 18 of P2 and decided that I wouldn't weigh myself at all this third week for that very reason. I also started my period on Day 13 so my weight was bound to fluctuate anyway. I'm curious what my next weigh in will be at the docs office tomorrow, though.