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4 of 5 load lbs buh-bye!

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VLC day 1 went smooth yesterday. I have to say that I enjoy the empty feeling and occasional rumbles in my stomach again.
It makes me feel in control.
I don't mind eating the same things several days in a row, so I made 12 servings of chili in the crockpot (had that for both meals yesterday) and 6 servings of asparagus soup. Thanks Beth M for the recipe. My husband is grilling up a bunch of chicken breasts for us, so I'm set for the week. I often have 2 apples each day too. I skip the melba toast-don't like the ingredients.

I have been rereading the Beck Diet Solution book over the past week. I have had it for a while, never got through the whole book though.
(me, right hand over heart,holding up my left hand) I vow to complete the book and follow the steps this time.
It may not hold all of the answers but what have I got to lose? (no pun intended)
It teaches you the skills you need to face challenges and how to get through them by building your confidence with step-by-step exercises.
Many people who struggle with weight have a mindset that sabotages their efforts. It teaches you to talk back to your sabotaging thoughts. I can identify with many of the issues in the book. Personally, P2 is not an issue. I find it fairly easy to stick to the protocol because the choices are so limited. It's P3 and P4 or any maintainance after having lost weight that prove to be more difficult because of the variety. Many of the challenges presented in this book will come in to play after P2.
For example, when you hear the little voice in your head say I've cheated, I've blown it, I may as well continue to cheat for the rest of the day/week/month... Instead of feeling bad for having "cheated", you might say to yourself okay, so I ate something I didn't plan to eat. It was just a mistake, I'll get back on track for the rest of the day. When people view themselves as having cheated they usually feel demoralized which makes it even more difficult to get back on track. Using a term like unplanned eating has less negativety attached to it so you can move on and not continue to feel "bad" and eat "bad".

Eating begins with a trigger. Your thoughts determine whether you act in a productive way that strengtherns your resistance muscle or an unproductive way that strengthens your giving-in muscle. Eating is not automatic, like your heart beating. You can learn how to take control.

The book is designed to complete a task each day for six weeks. However, you can do several tasks at once or take longer as long as you do each one before moving on to the next and to continue repeating daily tasks as prescribed.

Day 1. Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight (Advantages Rsponse Card).
Read it at least twice a day. I keep mine next to my toothbrush so I read them each morning and at nite. I also have it in the notes section on my ipod so I can read it when I am struggling with temptations, cravings or sabotaging thoughts.
You may think you already know them, but think about the times when you strayed in the past. You sure weren't thinking about them then.

Day 2. Pick your diet. Two diets are recomended in case one doesn't work for you.

Day 3. Eat sitting down. This is a tough one for me. I am trying to do so because I know the importance of becoming more concious of everything I put in my mouth.
For difficult tasks such as this one, it is recommended that you write a Response card with a helpful response to any sabotaging thoughts that you might have about the task.
If your sabotaging thought is that you enjoy eating standing up or don't want to stop standing up to eat, you might right out a card with this helpful response...I need to sit down to eat. When I eat standing up, I just don't notice what I'm eating. I could eat way too much and not realize it. If I want to be thinner, I have to impose this rule on myself. I might not want to give up this behavior, but I'll enjoy being thinner so much more.

Day 4. Give yourself credit. I find this especially helpful when I stick to my plan. I say to myself...I'm so glad I didn't eat that... Doing so strengthens your resistance muscle.

Day 5. Eat slowly and mindfully. Another tough one for me. I need to remind myself to put my fork down after every few bites so I can eat more slowly. Practicing sitting down helps me to be more mindful of and focus on what I'm eating too.

Day 6. Find a diet coach. We have lots of support on these forums, but maybe you need someone in your life that will encourage you and keep you accountable.

Day 7. Rearrange your environment. Remove temptations from your home, or at least from your sight, inside a high cupboard or closet. Ask coworkers to keep their snack jars in a less visible location. Obviously, you can't eliminate all triggers at work. One suggestion that I think will be helpful in maintainace is to take a small portion of food and save it for a later time when you won't be tempted to eat more. Like, take a piece of birthday cake home with you.

To be continued...

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Very interesting, practical "tasks" to apply to daily lives. I've noticed myself doing a few of them, while on hcg without having read the book. Like slowing down when eating. U relatively little on p2 (smaller servings), I would tell myself to put my fork down and make it last longer. It is a good habit to get into. Keep us posted. Enjoyed your blog. Happy New Year!
  2. AKgal's Avatar
    Thanks Dubbles. I'll keep posting when I can. I'm having my chili lunch right now-slowly:-)