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Entering week 3, 3 pounds to go!

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The scale has been good to me the past couple of days. As of this AM, only 3 pounds to goal! Still not sure how many dose days I'll be doing. 23 is this Friday. I'll see how the last 3 come off. I may have to go longer that that. I am prepared to go to 43 but I would like to end sooner. Praying to the scale gods!
I have been continuing to read my book and train my brain to think like a thin person. I'll be needing many of the skills that I am learning more going into P3 and P4 but better to start now.

Week 3 focuses more on practical applications as they apply to dieting. If you hadn't started your diet yet, this is when you would start. It also teaches additional Cognitive Therapy techniques to strengthen your reisitance muscle so you struggle less with dieting.
Day 15. Monitor your eating. Follow your food plan and monitor your eating by noting what you ate immediately after each meal and snack. Studies show that planning and recording what you eat greatly increases the likelihood that you'll lose weight and keep it off. Doing so forces you to be more accountable and helps you to recognize and solve problems.
I use an online app to plan my meals and note any changes from my recorded plan. I've used Sparkpeople in the past but will be using a new one upon entering P3. It's through the Diet Solution, called My Beyond Diet.
Day 16. Prevent unplanned eating. There will be times when you are tempted to eat foods that are not on your food plan. The temptation can create tension when you are indecisive. Your discomfort may subside once you make the decision to eat it. But just as deciding to eat can reduce tension, so can deciding not to eat. Firmly saying NO CHOICE decreases both the struggle and the discomfort. Write down the words NO CHOICE on a card and read it at least twice a day or whenever you are struggling over whether or not to eat something.
Day 17. End overeating. If you eat any food in a greater quantity than you had planned or continue to eat even when you feel full, you need to learn not to overeat. This task has you practice not overeating by purposely putting more food on your plate than you plan to eat. Serve yourself a larger portion than you would normally allow or a food not on your plan. Keep the extra portions to the side of your plate. Then only eat the food on your plan. If you're tempted to eat the extra food, use some of the anti-craving tchniques and counter your sabotaging thoughts. Instead of telling yourself it's a shame I can't eat this... tell yourself isn't it great that I'm not eating this...this is getting me closer to my goal...this is strengthening my resistance muscle. Think back to times in the past when you overate. Were you sorry? Ask yourself How glad will I be in 10 minutes if I overeat now?
Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary until it is easier.
I will revisit this after P2. I did the exercise by slicing up 2 apples for my snack. I was able to just eat 1 and keep the other for my evening snack. But as I've said before, I can stick pretty religously to P2 protocol so I will do this again in P3.
Day 18. Change your definition of full. Many of us have difficulty recoginizing when we are full. A way to determine if you've overeaten is to think about whether you would be able to comfortably walk at a brisk pace after your meal as you could have before you ate. Ask yourself after each meal whether you could easily go for a brisk walk. If yes, tell yourself, Good, I am experiencing normal fullness. If no, tell yourself, This is what overfullness feels like...I'll stop before I reach this point at my next meal. Every time you'd like to overeat but don't, give yourself credit. If your triggered to overeat, remove the triggers. Leave the table, put away the leftovers. Respond to your sabotaging thoughts. Remind yourself this is not an emergency. Practice this until it becomes easier so you can be prepared for situations that you will have to know normal fullness. Buffets, restaurants, social gatherings.
Day 19. Stop fooling yourself. If you tell yourself, It's ok to eat this because... you are sabotaging yourself by falsely reassuring yourself that it is ok to eat the unplanned food. Make a card that you can refer to during these times. It might say,
It's not OK to eat unplanned food. Everytime I'm eating something I'm not supposed to, I strengthen my giving in muscle. I might feel good for the few seconds I'm eating it, but I'll feel bad afterwards. If I want to lose weight and keep it off, I must stop fooling myself.Day20. Get back on track. One specific fooling-yourself thought that I know all too well is the one that encourages you to abandon your diet for the whole day after you've eaten something you weren't supposed to. The important thing is to get back on track now. Acknowledge the slip up. Draw a symbolic line right then. Mark this line by brushing your teeth, dong your nails or some other non-eating activity. Give yourself credit for stopping at any point. Watch out for feelings of failure and helplessness. Continue to eat normally. Learn from your mistake. Record a card to read each day and for these occasions. It might say...I've eaten something I shouldn't have. I haven't blown it. Just because I made a mistake doesn't mean I should keep on eating. That makes no sense. It's a million times better to stop now than to allow myself to eat more.
Day 21. Weigh in. Of course, we do this everyday already. However, there have been times in the past when I stopped weighing because I didn't want to see a higher number on the scale. I have also, in the past, embarked on a bad eating day when I didn't like the number on the scale. I wrote out the following response card: I'll only feel bad if I let my sabotaging thoughts convince me that I'm weak or bad for gaining weight. At worst, I need to do a steak day to correct my mistakes. If I don't weigh every day and do the steak day the very day I am 2+ pounds above LDW. I will risk gaining back pounds and inches.
The book suggests charting your weight weekly on a graph. I record mine on My Beyond Diet daily.

Read your advantage response cards. Plan your meals. Sit and eat mindfully. Give yourself credit every time you stick to your plan. Rccognize hunger and fullness. Respond to sabotaging thoughts if you eat something you shouldn't. Don't beat yourself up, get right back on track, do a steak day if needed.

To be continued...

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  1. tashajo's Avatar
    What book are you reading???
  2. AKgal's Avatar
    Tashajo, it is called the Beck Diet Solution.
  3. tashajo's Avatar
    thanks for the info..I am going to have to check that out.