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P3 day 1 tomorrow!

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Friday morning marked my last dose of HCG weighing in at 127.5. I have dropped a bit below my goal these past few days. I guess that's where the wiggle room comes in. Last round I only dropped .5 lb below LDW during the 72 hours so I am quite pleased about this unexpected loss. Friday nite I did attend my office dinner. I really wanted to cop out but my dear friend and coworker rec'd some bad news and I wanted to be there to support her. I wouldn't say it was easy but I stuck with my plan by previewing the menu online and drinking lots of hot tea. I was the first to leave while everyone was having their beautiful desserts. I ordered a grilled steak and steamed vegetables. As all of the appetizers were passed around, I only indulged in the shrimp cocktail. Unfortunately, my steak was very fatty and my oil free vegetables were anything but. I spent a lot of time trimming the fat off my steak and only had one forkful of the vegetables and a portion of my steak. BTW, this was the first time in my life that I ordered a steak before! I fully expected to be up on Saturday morning but much to my delight I was down. Maybe the extra protein and I didn't have my second fruit. I had stayed strictly protocol before then. I had two apples everyday and never had the melbas or grassini. I plan to be gluten free so why have it now? Last night was a birthday party and I offered to be the designated driver so I could avoid the alcohol. It didn't start until 8:30 so I had already eaten and knew that telling myself "NO CHOICE!" would keep me away from the cake. It worked. Today down a little more! I don't want to jinx myself by saying how much until tomorrow in case I have a gain-you never know.

So, continuing the Beck Diet Solution book we come to week 5. Overcome challenges. This chapter teaches you how to prepare for both unexpected and expected challenges.
Day 29. Resist food pushers. Be prepared. Often no thank you is all that you need. Don't be afraid of declining unplanned food like your coworkers homemade cookies. Don't let their reaction persuade you to give in to temptation. Writing out the negative costs of eating an unplanned food that you are offered vs: the costs to the person offering the food helps you to realize that it's ok to consider your needs to stick to your plan are more important than sparing the feelings of the other person. If at all, their hurt feelings will only be temporary.
Day 30. Stay in control when eating out. Rather thatn giving yourself permission to overindulge, create a plan. I did this on Friday nite and left the restaurant telling myself "I'm so glad I stuck to my plan.
You could practice by having a planned restaurant meal with a friend.
Choose a restaurant that offers choices that are allowed on your dieting phase.
Plan what and how much you are going to eat. Don't be afraid to ask for certain food preparations. Order smaller portions, maybe an appetizer instead of an entree.
Anticipate any sabotaging thoughts that you might have and plan how you'll tolerate cravings. For example, your dining companion may choose to order dessert. What could you do to avoid giving in? Maybe plan to have tea or coffee instead.
When your food arrives, portion off the food you can eat.
When you've finished your portion. Make it final. Wrap the rest up or arrange the flatware so that the handles rest in the remaining food.
Give yourself credit for sticking with your plan. Work on any sabotaging thoughts that you had. Oh well, I really would have liked to order dessert like I used to but I can't go back to my old habits and expect anything to change. I'm glad I didn't give in.
There will likely be many special events that arrise. If you give yourself permission to overindulge, you could easily overeat at all of them. It may also be difficult to return to your new healthier eating habits once the event is over.
Being thinner is so much more important to me than the momentary pleasure of overeating on special occasions.
Day 31. Decide about drinking. You can decide not to drink at all or you can set a limit.
Plan when and how much you'll drink.
Calculate the calories beforehand so you can plan your food.
Be careful not to skimp on food in lieu of alcohol. Don't let alcohol lead to unplanned eating.
Day 32. Prepare for travel.
Make a travel plan. Being too strict can backfire. it may be more beneficial to stick mostly to your usual plan but add in minor splurges. Allow a few hundred extra calories each day. Doing so may prevent a complete abandonment of your diet. A small weight gain is better than the risk of throwing in the towel altogether.
Exercise more.
Eat brunch so you can combine 2 meals in to one.
Carry food with you to avoid unplanned eating.
I'll be vacationing in Maui for a few weeks in March. I plan to continue eating mostly P3 and gluten free with a few additions. I love sushi so hopefully I can add in rice in P4 before I go. If not, there's always sashimi. I also want to test wine and beer and of course, macadamia nuts. Hopefully I can avoid sugar and desserts for the most part.
Day 33. Eliminate emotional eating. Big problem for me in the past.
Label how you're feeling. Tell yourself, I'm just feeling upset, ... I'm not hungry.
Stand firm. Tell yourself NO CHOICE!
Imagine the aftermath of giving in. How long does the pleasure last? How do you feel afterward?
Read your Advantages Response Card to remind yourself of all the benefits of sticking with your plan.
Distract yourself. Have a cup of tea. Go for a walk. Relax with breathing techniques or an audio tape.
Tell yourself, Comforting myself with food will only work temporarily, and I'll feel even worse later.
Day 34. Solve problems. Use the Seven Questions Technique from last week. I made a card to combat sabotaging thoughts that I have had frequently that led to unplanned eating and bingeing in the past. Often times when I've been bored, overwhelmed with tasks or procrastinating I've turned to food. I may keep this in the cupboard where I usually end up going to for food.
1. What kind of thinking error could I be making?
emotional reasoning, self-deluding thinking
2. Why is this possibly not true?
I have given in to this emotional eating in the past and in the end, I still have the same feelings as before I binged.
3. How else could I view this situation?
I could tackle some small task that would occupy my time like sort thru some photographs. I would feel good about accomplishing something even it I can't do everything at once.
4. What is the best possible outcome of doing so?
I 'll get some things done and overcome boredom.
5. What could be the effect of believing this thought?
I'll binge and won't accomplish anything.
What could be effect of changing my thinking?
I won't feel guilty for bingeing and I'll get started on some tasks.
6. What would I say to a friend in this situation?
Get up right now and do whatever seems the easiest task on your to do list. Remember in the past when you used emotions to eat unplanned food. Eating is just a short-term fix that'll make you feel even worse in the end.
7. What should I do now?
Get busy. Start with one small task. Remember past experiences.
Day 35. Get ready to weigh in. We do this daily but it's still a good idea to remind yourself beforehand of how far you've come. Stick with the steak day rule and don't get discouraged.

I have been using many of techniques so far and will continue to review them until they become natural responses. I have found so much positive reinforcement in this book that I also ordered the cd version to listen to in my car.

Happy losing this week! See you next time when I'm in P3!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good luck in p3. Congratulations on all your hard work, and the success of p2. U've certainly educated yourself for a life of maintenance, I predict you're going to do great in p3 and on into p4
  2. AKgal's Avatar
    Thanks Dubbles, looks like ur doing good too!