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P3 is in sight!

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My last day of P2 will be Tuesday. I have reached my goal on my new scale and I'm hoping that my old scale catches up by then. I'll be using my new one solely going forward so I will be going with that one regardless. It measures more precisely. My old one only does .5 pound incrementsbut I'd still like to see it say 128 by Tuesday morning. I had a gain yesterday morning from eating a late dinner and very high sodium. Who knew Braggs amino acid had so much? I made a huge batch of hot and sour soup before I realized it. My weight came back down today but I will continue to have the soup through the rest of my VLC days so I might be registering a little higher in general. I don't usually eat so much sodium so I feel that may just give me a little more wiggle room. I've continued reading the Beck Diet Solution. Here is what week 4 has taught me:
By continually practicing responding to sabotaging thoughts, it will be become more natural with each passing day until it becomes second nature.
Day 22. Say, oh well, to disappointment. Rather than feeling resentful for having to diet remind yourself that you have freely chosen to diet. You can respond to sabotaging thoughts by telling yourself,oh well, this is what I have to do to reach my goal.
Day 23. Counter the unfairness sydrome. If you are feeling like it is unfair that you have to diet, you can dwell on feeling bad or you can say oh well, it may not seem fair but this is what I have chosen to do reach my goal..
Personally, I don't have these feelings often. I don't see others around me who don't struggle with food in some way. The ones that I know that eat whatever they want are generally overweight and pretty unhealthy. I don't feel like I shouldn't have to do this. I know what I have done to increase my weight. While I may not like that I have to diet, I don't feel like it is unfair.
Day 24. Deal with discouragement. Dieting can be overwhelming and discouraging at times, especially the longer you are on a diet. Remind yourself that the times (minutes) that you struggle are miniscule compared to the majority of the time that you actually felt positive or neutral about dieting. If there is a time when you are struggling, it may seem too overwhelming to think about continuing your diet until you reach your goal. Don't look too far ahead. Focus on today.
Day 25. Identify sabotaging thoughts. Before your first bite of something you didn't plan to eat, you almost always have a thought or series of thoughts. Identifying and responding to these thoughts will allow you to better control your eating.
You are to carry a notebook for a few days and write down sabotaging thoughts that you have. Examples of such thoughts are; I'll make up for it later, it's just a small piece, I really want it...
Day 26. Recognize thinking mistakes.
1. All or nothing thinking.
2. Negative fortune telling. Since I gave in, I'll never be able to do this...
3. Overly positive fortune telling. I'll be able to eat just a little bit of this food I crave...
4. Emotional reasoning. I feel like a failure for having strayed, I must be a failure...
5. Mind reading. She'll think I'm rude if I don't accept one of the brownies she made...
6. Self-deluding thinking. It won't matter if I give in...
7. Unhelpful rules. I can't waste food...
8. Justification. I desevre to eat this...
9. Exaggerated thinking. I can't stand this craving...
Use these thinking mistakes to identify the sabotaging thoughts you recorded in your notebook.
Day 27. Master the seven question technique. Make cards to help you identify and reply to these thoughts. Read them along with your advantage response cards at least two times every day.
I wrote out the following card for responding to the sabotaging thought that; it is ok to eat this...
1. What kind of thinking error/s could I be making?
-self deluding thinking, justification
2. What evidence is there that this thought may not be true?
-in the past, falsely justifying food that is not on my plan, has led to binge eating-it is not ok to eat this...
3. How else could I view this situation?
-I am only telling myself that it is ok because I really want to have it...
4. What is the best possible outcome?
-I'll stop the craving once I tell myself NO CHOICE!
5. What could be the effect of believing this thought? And what would the effect be if I change my thinking?
-I give in to this craving, feel bad, continue eating poorly and be at rsik for giving in again the next time...
-if I change my thinking, I'll be strengthing my resistance muscle...
6. What would I say to a friend in this situation?
-I would say to remember what has happened in the past, you're only fooling yourself, you'll feel better if you don't give in...
7. What should I do?
-tell myself NO CHOICE!
I plan to make additional cards to deal with eating out of boredom, eating because I am procratinating doing something else, and for when I feel like skipping my workout.
Day 28. Weigh in. Of course, we do this everyday. But it teaches you to be prepared for the number on the scale.

With P3 nearing, I am sure I will need to rely on these skills more than I have had to in P2. I'm glad to have these and will continue practicing them until it is automatic. Hope you realized some skills that you can apply too.

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    This information is probably the best u've blogged so far about the Beck Diet Solution book. Lot of it is very important. Thanks for sharing. I may print out this page alone.
  2. AKgal's Avatar
    Thank you Dubbles and you're welcome. I'm glad you found it useful. The book has been a help to me and I'll be relying on it more going into P3. So much so that I also ordered the cd version that I can listen to in my car and a new book from the author Judith Beck.
    Pretty new pic!