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  1. Checking In

    I have been playing around with my calories and prot/fat/cb ratio's and still have not found the magic numbers for me yet. I seem to be stuck at the same weight up one pound or down one pound. I am a scale watcher due to this hcg diet mind and cant seem to break it.
    I have been working out for 3 weeks straight now and I am really noticing my body shape changing. My stomach seems smaller and I am getting stronger for sure. I know muscle weighs more so I am hopin I am not losing because ...
  2. Switching it up from Siesta Beach to VLCD

    I am missing fruit and having a hard time eating so much low carb foods that are very high in calories and fat. For the next couple of days I will be eating lean meats, larger amount of veggies and fruit. If this is an issue for me I will go back to the SB way.

    Still doing my workouts each morning and walking on my lunch break

    Wednesdays numbers:
    calories 500
    26% carb
    23% fat
    51% protein

    egg whites for breakfast with coffee ...
  3. Life is busy

    I have been so busy I have not checked in for a few days. These last few days are a blur so I will not journal about the days past.

    Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday 2/1 and I over ate but stayed with my plan of foods.
    Monday calories 757, 19g carb/10%, 34g fat/42%t, 87 g protein/47%
    No weight change
    Tuesday calories 1,509 ,100g carb/26%, 88%Fat/53%, 78g Protein/20% (I ate chocolate)
    No weight change

    So I am happy and sad at the same time as ...
  4. Day 13 Siesta Beach with Hcg

    Sunday 2/1/15

    Weight is the same.

    Sundays eats: These numbers are not exact. I did not weigh my food. I made approved foods for our superbowl party and I ate them throughout the day. I am sure my calories and %'s are a lot higher than what I guessed-not sure though.
    I knew I would be over on Carbs forsure. I felt really good with my choices even though I over ate BUT did not eat the carb loaded, suggary foods.

    Calories 1339
    Carb 51 ...
  5. Day 12 Siesta Beach with hcg

    Down 2 lbs today!!!!!

    Fridays eats:
    1 egg and egg white
    coffee with cream
    light mozzarella cheese stick
    chicken breast with mixed salad greens and tsp mct oil
    pork rinds around 1 oz
    3 chicken wings
    1 cup cauliflower with a sprinkle of cheese
    .5 oz mac nuts
    whip cream and 1 jello cup
    hot tea

    Totals: 1380 calories
    23 grams9% carb/ 60 grams, 53% fat/ 94 grams, 38% prot
  6. Day 11 Siesta Beach

    DOWN 1 lb today!
    I am so amazed that I mess up like I did and got right back on track the next day and lost the weight I gained!

    I am a bit ticked at myself so far with this experiment because of my messed up days. I cannot compared my results with my original protocal results-grrr. Hopefully I will not flub up again and will be able to compare somewhat. I would be really freaking out if I had a lot to lose. I would be happy to lose 10 pounds but it's not that big of ...
  7. Day 10 Siesta Beach/HCG

    weight is up .6
    I totally know why and it's okay.

    I was on plan all day-perfect.
    A friend called and asked us over for dinner. We hardly ever go anywhere out to eat. It was nice to be invited somewhere but I really didn't want to go because of food. Food seems to control my life. SO I said yes. She made spaghetti with meatballs, a small salad, garlic bread and ice cream and strawberrys. I had sauce and meatballs, salad and NO bread-good right? Then came out allready ...

    Updated January 29th, 2015 at 06:19 PM by alaskamom

  8. Day 9- Siesta Beach with HCG

    1/28/15 Wednesday

    down .6 today.

    I am still experimenting with ratios and calories to see what works best for me. On the Siesta Beach thread most are seeing success with higher fat % than protein and under 15 carbs with higher calories. I adjusted my foods on Tuesday which increased my calories and fat which made me extremely nervous and I felt like I was cheating big time eating more food. Guess it works because I did lose today. Also this is my first round using ...
  9. Siesta Beach DAY 8

    I am down .4 today.

    Sunday calories 674. 5% carb, 46% fat, 49% protein. I did not lose or gain, stayed the same.
    I felt my calories may have been too low on Sunday so I will increased my calories for the day on Monday

    Monday 896 calories. 19% carb, 52% fat, 29% protein. I lost .4 of a pound.
    My carbs were way to high and I will correct that. I ate a serving of Russell Stovers sugar free chocolate. I did not eat the mozzarella cheese stick-scared to try ...

    Updated January 27th, 2015 at 06:06 PM by alaskamom

  10. Week 1 check in-Siesta Beach and HCG

    Well it's been a week and I lost what I gained while loading. If I was to do it over again I DO NOT think one needs to load on this plan.
    This is not a perfect week to look at and I don't see the losses being very good compared to POP. Here is the kicker though. This weekend I was out of town for my son's hockey tournament with games very early in the mornings going late at night and driving 3 hours a day for 3 days (Fri, Sat and Sun). My eating plan was not very good. I must say that ...
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