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Checking In

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I have been playing around with my calories and prot/fat/cb ratio's and still have not found the magic numbers for me yet. I seem to be stuck at the same weight up one pound or down one pound. I am a scale watcher due to this hcg diet mind and cant seem to break it.
I have been working out for 3 weeks straight now and I am really noticing my body shape changing. My stomach seems smaller and I am getting stronger for sure. I know muscle weighs more so I am hopin I am not losing because of added muscle.
What aggravates me with the weight I am at now is that my BMI is right on the line of being normal or overweight! I dont want to be in the overweight category!!!!

My eating plan has stayed pretty much the same.
Breakfast- egg whites and a couple strawberries, coffee
Lunch- lean burger patty with 2 romaine lettuce leaves and mustard
Snack- apple-medium
Dinner- chicken or fish with radishes or lettuce salad, red wine vinegar
Snack- strawberries with a splash of milk blended
sometimes a sf jello cup and a bit of whipping cream
72 oz of water
hot tea

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