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Day 11 Siesta Beach

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DOWN 1 lb today!
I am so amazed that I mess up like I did and got right back on track the next day and lost the weight I gained!

I am a bit ticked at myself so far with this experiment because of my messed up days. I cannot compared my results with my original protocal results-grrr. Hopefully I will not flub up again and will be able to compare somewhat. I would be really freaking out if I had a lot to lose. I would be happy to lose 10 pounds but it's not that big of a MUST. I really just want to find something that works for me and I can stabilize in to P3, P4 and life beyond. I really hope there is life beyond hcg.

Yesterday I did really well with my food. The only thing that was not ideal was I had nothing to eat from lunch at 1:30 'till we got home at 9pm! I made the family grilled cheese and while I was cooking the grilled cheese I ate 2 oz of cheddar cheese for dinner. I did not want to take the time to cook me a seperate meal because it was all ready 9pm and I still needed to bake cookie for my son's bake sale today!
I was a bit worried to step on the scale today due to eating the cheese. In my last p3 and p4 I gained every time I ate even a tiny bit of cheese or any dairy product really. Interesting that after eating cheese I lost 1 pound the next day. I wonder what is going on with that???

Thursdays food was: 1 egg and 1 egg white, coffee, hot tea, 4 oz cooked chicken breast, 2 cups salad greens, splash of mct oil on salad, 1 jello cup with whipped cream, 1 oz pork rinds, 2 oz cheddar cheese.
Total for the day: 787 calories/ 10 grams,5% carb/48 grams, 57% fat/79 grams, 38% protein

Today I have completed my workouts: 30 minutes of P90 Sweat and 40 minutes walking.

My mind is still struggling with what I have been brainwashed into thinking for so many years, I seem to keep going back to low-fat, low calorie thinking. It's hard to change.

The most stunning success stories happened through simply living "one successful day at a time".

Now for the weekend, I love my weekends but they are really hard on me because I break my weekly routine and am tempted by food!

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  1. Ellyn's Avatar
    It's the weekend so stay strong! We have many years of conditioning and it's takes a long time to break a mindset. It seems to be even harder when you have kids at home!

    It's amazing you went as long as you did without eating. Goes to show you the hcg is controlling your hunger. My drops arrived yesterday so today is my first official day. Thank goodness! Yesterday was a challenge for me; I gave in to cheese (a big no-no for me) and with all the talk about nuts in the thread, I caved to them during the evening with a 1/2 glass of Reisling. I would have had more wine but there was only that much left in the bottle and there was only red left and I don't really care for red.

    Despite my goof off, I was .4 down for a total of 4 lb down this week just by being more careful. You officially got me back to exercise so I'm very grateful to you. Your blogs are very interesting and are very helpful to me as to how to proceed with this new plan