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Day 12 Siesta Beach with hcg

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Down 2 lbs today!!!!!

Fridays eats:
1 egg and egg white
coffee with cream
light mozzarella cheese stick
chicken breast with mixed salad greens and tsp mct oil
pork rinds around 1 oz
3 chicken wings
1 cup cauliflower with a sprinkle of cheese
.5 oz mac nuts
whip cream and 1 jello cup
hot tea

Totals: 1380 calories
23 grams9% carb/ 60 grams, 53% fat/ 94 grams, 38% prot

I am shocked that I lost today because I ate cheese 2 days in a row and I had whipping cream. My last p3 through p4 I struggled so much and really though it was the dairy. Now that I am eating ultra low carb I seem to be handling the dairy just fine????

Today I worked at my second job. Drained the pool and turkish hot tub, scrubbed the walls and floors and decks. Not sure if I will get in my workout today because I am feeling tired and weak. I may have burned more colories than I thought I would while cleaning.

I am doing this Siesta Beach Hcg until I head to Florida for spring break. While I am there I plan to stay ultra low carb most days with maybe a couple low carb days sprinkled in. When I return I need a plan for myself and am thinking of going ultra low carb for 6 days and on the 7th day having a higher carb day with added veggies and maybe a low carb dessert for a treat. Trying to stay with the low carb lifestyle. I might check out the book Carb Night Solutions that nursejennifer on the board has been talking about and had success with in the past.

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