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Day 13 Siesta Beach with Hcg

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Sunday 2/1/15

Weight is the same.

Sundays eats: These numbers are not exact. I did not weigh my food. I made approved foods for our superbowl party and I ate them throughout the day. I am sure my calories and %'s are a lot higher than what I guessed-not sure though.
I knew I would be over on Carbs forsure. I felt really good with my choices even though I over ate BUT did not eat the carb loaded, suggary foods.

Calories 1339
Carb 51 grams, 15%
Fat 82 grams, 56%
Protein 96 grams, 29%
cheese, ham, broccoli, celery, apple, strawberry, almonds and peanuts, coffee and cream, water.

15 days on the pellets and I do not feel hunger. The pellets are easy to transport and easy to take.

Even though the scale is not moving much I am really noticing my stomach is much flatter so the water that I hold onto is going away with this ultra low carb eating. I also have noticed my shape is toning up and that is because my workouts are burning calories and building muscle.
I highly recommend the Beachbody LesMills Pump workout series. If one is so lucky to have a gym that offers this I bet it is even better. I am enjoying the workouts and heavy lifting, not to say when I am in the moment doing the workouts that I dont HATE them because I do. I love how I feel the rest of the day after the workout!! My mood is so much more "sunny". I am always in a sunny-happy mood but this just lifts my spirits even more.....Loving every minute of life!

This week is a very busy week for my family. 2 days of Parent teacher conferences for me. Parent teacher conferences for my kids that I need to work into my schedule. My 12 year old sons basket ball practices start tonight and they are every Monday and Saturday along with another month and 1/2 of hockey every Tuesday and Thursday with added weekend tournaments and games. My daughter has dance class on Wednesday nights, softball on Friday and Sundays this month. Then there is my second job, cleaning a 17000 sqft house on my "off" time. Meeting on Friday with our mortgage advisor to see if we can purchase the house we are living in and currently in a one year rent to own deal, gosh it goes on and on and on.

God has blessed me with such a full and wonderful life and I am thankful.

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