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Life is busy

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I have been so busy I have not checked in for a few days. These last few days are a blur so I will not journal about the days past.

Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday 2/1 and I over ate but stayed with my plan of foods.
Monday calories 757, 19g carb/10%, 34g fat/42%t, 87 g protein/47%
No weight change
Tuesday calories 1,509 ,100g carb/26%, 88%Fat/53%, 78g Protein/20% (I ate chocolate)
No weight change

So I am happy and sad at the same time as far as my weight goes. I am happy I am not gaining when it seems I keep pushing my boundries. One day I am at 757 calories perfectly on plan, the next I am at 1509 calories and have chocolate which is off plan and my weight stays the same. I am sad because the scale is not going down.

I am working out in the morning 30-45 minuts and walking on my lunch break around 30 minutes. This could be why the scale is not moving, not sure.

This is part of the experiment I suppose.

The more I work out and eat clean the more I am thinking I really would like to lose the last 10 pounds now. At first I was totally happy with where I am and the 10 pounds really does not matter...my mind is playing with me for sure.

Yesterday I totally caved into chocolate. I have given up sooooo much as far as food and I am proud of myslef for that. Chocolate is something I really want to keep in my life. I have even fallen in love with 90% dark chocolate and prefer it over any other

I read something on a blog today that got me thinking, hmmmm

When you feel like sleeping in or eating chocolate cake or chips – you simply say “No, I am not going to let my body dictate to me, I am not going to give in to short term emotional wants – if I sacrifice this short term gratification now I will enjoy the sweet reward of my best ever body in the future”. You will get the pleasure or your ultimate body and it will feel far more deeply satisfying and longer lasting than a sleep in or bar of chocolate ever will!
Read this and let the truth of it soak deep into your soul.

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