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Week 1 check in-Siesta Beach and HCG

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Well it's been a week and I lost what I gained while loading. If I was to do it over again I DO NOT think one needs to load on this plan.
This is not a perfect week to look at and I don't see the losses being very good compared to POP. Here is the kicker though. This weekend I was out of town for my son's hockey tournament with games very early in the mornings going late at night and driving 3 hours a day for 3 days (Fri, Sat and Sun). My eating plan was not very good. I must say that following a modified plan was easier for sure. I ate out which I never do and when I do it always works against me. I ate at a salad bar and ate 2 large plates full! I had a cantina bowl at Taco Bell which I thought was a salad and ended up being beans, rice and a bit of lettuce, guac and sour cream. I also ate boiled eggs, pork rinds and tons of coffee!
So the positive side of this weekend which I consider a huge cheat weekend is that I DID NOT GAIN! I lost .6 of a pound. That is not much but following POP I would have gained 6 pounds or more and I did not this time, I LOST! I really did not even want to cheat and felt I made pretty good food choices except the mistake of Taco Bell. I don't even like Taco Bell but my hard working hockey playing son requested it I just feel so blessed that I did not gain!! YAHOO!!

This week will be the real week to watch since I WILL NOT BE CHEATING!

My plan for food is:

Breakfast- 1 egg, plain coffee
Lunch- 5 oz chicken breast rolled in lettuce leaves and mustard.
Snack- 3 celery stalks chopped up and mixed with cinnamon and stevia (love apples this way, subbing for less carbs)
After work snack- Mozzarella cheese stick
Dinner- 5 oz ground beef patty with cooked radishes, mushrooms and onions.
Evening snack-? Need an idea that is sweet but low carb and not dairy...I need to search for an idea.

Workout today: Body Pump Challenge (30 minutes) and walking home and back for lunch (40 minutes)

I ordered a new fitness program called LesMills Pump and am so excited to get started on this! I plan to stick to it for 90 days and see where it will take my body.

I am going with my daughter and her high school softball team to Florida for a Spring Break softball clinic and am SO EXCITED! I gotta get Florida body ready.

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  1. Ellyn's Avatar
    Ordered my drops today so I'm going to give this a try as soon as they come. Yep, no loading necessary. Will be following the Siesta Beach plan exactly so we'll see how I do. I'm hoping with higher protein AND HCG in my system, I won't be thinking about sweets. We'll just have to see how it goes.

    I think this plan is better for you with your traveling to games, etc. Much easier eating out. I feel so isolated with the other protocol, tied to the house when everyone else it eating out, etc.

    I'm thinking if you increase your protein maybe you won't crave a sweet? The sample journal had a ton of protein and when the doc wanted something sweet he ate sugar free jello. Each day in his journal book has lots of info and suggestions. Some of it we already know. I'll let you know when I begin

    BTW, how is your daughter doing after her round of HCG last summer? Really great hearing from you!!
  2. Theprincess7's Avatar
    Hi What's siesta beach?
  3. alaskamom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theprincess7
    Hi What's siesta beach?
    Siesta Beach is a ROUGH protocol created by Dr. Carlson, he has a kindle book you can purchase through Amazon. This plan is NOT POP! The plan is high protein/very low carb (under 20 grams). There is a book that one can purchase for 4.00 on Amazon it's a Kindle book.

    I have met my goal weight following the strick Simons protogal totally POP. I have gained a little but am still in my weight range. I read about this plan in the Boxing Ring on this site. I decided to give it a try, so I am experimenting to see how it goes.

    Protein, lowcarb veggies, healthy fats, diary. No fruit. The lower the daily carb count the better. I cannot eat much diary or I retain water something terrible so this plan is a little harder for me because I cannot have cheese, cream or butter.
  4. alaskamom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theprincess7
    Hi What's siesta beach?
    Ellyn my daugher did well with HCG. She ate more than 500 calories and still lost around 15 pounds. As soon as she was finished with HCG she was busy in her high school diving program with practices every day and meets on the weekends so she started eating way more to keep her energy up for all the workouts. Close to the end of the dive season she started every day practices for her ballet part in the Nutcracker Ballet show. She auditioned and was awarded the LEAD ROLL as Clara! So this meant hours and hours of practices from October-December. They had 7 performances!
    So long story short she did fine with HCG. Losing the extra pounds gave her way more confidence for diving and dancing-both being "all eyes on you" sports! Thank you for asking!
  5. Ellyn's Avatar
    Very good to hear. Sounds like she is getting things under control at a much younger age than us LOL. She sure is one active gal and God bless her for her determination and drive

    I can't have any dairy either so it's more rolled up pieces of lunch meats for us!

    I've started keeping track of my carbs on Carb Manager, a free app I downloaded a couple of years ago. If I had faithfully done this, I wouldn't have gotten so out of control with my raisins, dates, nuts and lower carb baked goodies UGH!