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Day 1 Phase 2

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I am weighing in at 187.2 @ 1:30pm Eastern....

This is it for me spending 31 days on HCG 500 - 800 will be working out this will be my final round.

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  1. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Day 2 Phase 2

    Weighing in at 184.8 @ 7:10 am

    Today started off pretty good

    Banana for Breakfast

    Handful of peanuts for snack

    White Fish/ Pineapples / and Olives for lunch

    Then the downhill progression started

    4 handfuls of jelly beans as a snack

    Yogurt/granola/and honey for dinner

    Then the bomb dropped, my brother came in the room and said Sonic
    wasn't even hungry but the fat greedy girl inside of me showed her face and
    went to Sonic and devoured a #3 with Sprite and Tater Tots.

    Did Make it through day one of the 30 Day Shred after eating that crap and felt like passing out never work out on a full stomach.
  2. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Day 3 Weighing in 182.8

    Did awesome yesterday got in 15000 steps yesterday did not go over 500 calories go me.

    Banana Breakfast

    Salmon/Zucchini & Onions/ Mushrooms

    2 Boiled Eggs

    No work out just some hush your mouth
  3. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Day 4 Weighing 180.6

    Morning walk is done now to figure out how to get in these 30 Day Shred Workout
  4. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Day 5 Weighing 180.8

    Went off Plan for the 4th, but back on track not feeling down 2 ounce difference.
  5. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Day 6 Weighing 180.2

    Yesterday was a relatively good day I must say got in my morning walk and my afternoon Jillian so 6 ounces is good to me, Ms. Greedy struck again and ate cereal. I really have to get a handle on her.
  6. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Sunday Day 8 starting the week weighing in at 178.8

    Saturday well let's just say I gained 4 ounces and leave it at that.

    Last week I must say I had 3 massive fail days but that is life and pick myself up and still on the quest of downward spiral.

    My goal for this week is to get into the 160's by any means necessary
  7. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Morning Day 9 179.2

    I am up another 4 ounces, but not actually worried about it, I haven't been to the porcelain throne in 2 days. I am wearing a size 8 and I feel wonderful. I can contribute the gain to water and muscle mass so I figure I will be headed back to the right direction here shortly.
  8. Alil2loveable's Avatar
    Start of Day 10 177.6LBS

    Yesterday was interesting. It took eating ice cream and a cup cake to get things moving toward the porcelain throne. Got in 2 workouts did 10 miles 7 of which was intense walking. 8.6 pounds to go to get out of the 170's so looking forward to it.