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Hello all, okay I switched form RX to Meridian Pellets been on them for 4 days now and this morning down 1.4, the problem I am having here is I am hungry I am taking 6 pellets twice daily, any suggestions. I did try 4 pellets 3X's a day and that seemed worse. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUNGER IS HURTING ME...

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    Try lowering to 3x3? That's what I just did after being on 4x3 for months. I'm not so sure about adjusting pellets though even though i'm using them, and i've just recently adjusted mine I kind of could just tell which way to go since i've been using it so long. Try posting in the newcommers help forum, it is checked more often so you should be able to get a quick answer. One way to test is to skip a dose, for injections they say skip a day, but with me one dose was enough to tell on the pellets, and if your hunger gets better, if it gets worse up it to maybe 5x3. Again thought I am no expert on adjust dose so maybe get a second opinion lol, but I hope this helps a bit.
  2. ZellQuest's Avatar
    ask Grammy1952, the best moderator on this site, I love her advise. she is marvelous! if ou are hungry, then my guess is way too much, i do drops, on 7 drops I am great, on 10 drops I am starving and on 7 dropx 3 x a day I am not even hungry