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P3 Starts Today

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Starting P3 today go me LIW 189.0

This was my first round and the biggest lesson I learned is don't cheat. I have a wasted 30 pounds because of cheats that I would regain and relose. so didn't hit my maximum weight loss, but this is one of life lessons and will definitely do better next round.

Will be doing a short 23 day round instead of 40 for me 23 days is much easier to stay on protocol for.

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  1. jlr331's Avatar
    You will get there, Good job!
  2. Laurarosee's Avatar
    I learned that cheating lesson too and I'm also doing a 23 day round next time. Now that I released a good amount on Round 1 I'm willing to take it slower with a really good 23 day round next time. Good Luck on P3!!!!