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Already on P4 Day 6.....P3 Recapp

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P2 Round 1, VLCD: Lost 22.8 lbs

LDW: 158.2 lbs

P3 Day 1: 157.6 lbs (-0.6 lbs below LDW)
P4 Day 1: 158.4 (+0.2 lbs above LDW)

My weight bounced around. I had to do Yogurt days every few days. They have slowed down now though. I mean, we go from 500 or less to like, 1500-2000 calories. It's to be expected. But that's just my opinion (what do I know??).

I actually quit P3 early on D18. I have been on P4 for about 5 days now. I am 1.0 lbs above LDW at 159.0 lbs. I plan to stay on this till Aug 1, and then start Round 2. GULP!! LOL.

Note: Since starting P4, I have not been eating much veggies & fruits.
Will try hard to fix this. I really did not want to go back fully to pre-diet eating. On the upside, I am still drinking my 9-12 cups of water daily. And I have cut way down on the sugar (using Stevia). I am gradually adding exercise back in.

So far, so good! I am pleased with things. P2 seemed to take forever! But P3 whizzed by so fast! And now, Round 2 is just around the corner!!

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Updated June 29th, 2011 at 11:08 AM by aliyah7

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  1. browniepts's Avatar
    I love P3. I've gotten really creative with recipes. It will be hard for me to do another round. More like BORING
  2. zah's Avatar
    hi there congrat u ve lost quite well with reflect me too i am using reflect.. will u be using it again?
  3. aliyah7's Avatar
    @browniepts - Yeah, I really enjoyed P3 too. I had started to loathe P2 foods. But I've got more weight to lose, so it's another round for me.

    @zah - Thanks for the congrats. Yes, I do plan to go another round or two with Reflect. I am strongly contemplating on doing this 2nd round a little rouge. I just got so tired of P2 foods this last round. I don't know yet. How much did you lose with it?
  4. zah's Avatar
    well i am still on my 4th day! i ve lost only 4lb until now.. i was expecting to lose more as i read many people who lost 1lb to 2lb per day.. but i am not losing hope.. i st day of vlcd i lost 2.4lb then only .3 and .3lb ,, I hopw tomorrow morning i ll do better.. any advice how i can do to lose more?

    do u think that eating less food n doing to much work at home make us lose less??