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  1. Already on P4 Day 6.....P3 Recapp

    P2 Round 1, VLCD: Lost 22.8 lbs

    LDW: 158.2 lbs

    P3 Day 1: 157.6 lbs (-0.6 lbs below LDW)
    P4 Day 1: 158.4 (+0.2 lbs above LDW)

    My weight bounced around. I had to do Yogurt days every few days. They have slowed down now though. I mean, we go from 500 or less to like, 1500-2000 calories. It's to be expected. But that's just my opinion (what do I know??).

    I actually quit P3 early on D18. I have been on P4 for about 5 days now. I am 1.0 ...

    Updated June 29th, 2011 at 11:08 AM by aliyah7

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  2. P3 Day 14....It's not the Calories, but the food...??

    Monday June 20, 2011

    P3 Day 14
    LDW: 158.2 lbs
    Today's Weight: 156.2 lbs (2 lbs below LDW)

    I have been doing Greek Yogurt days every two to three days because I had been gaining on all the other days. Not fun at all. I got tired of the yogurt days because I have been really wanting to eat food. But I could not stand the gains either.

    Maybe I added too many foods so soon. Maybe there was a culprit food or group of foods, that was causing ...
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  3. P3 Day 10...Lost 3.4 lbs from FFF Day......

    Thursday June 16, 2011

    P3 Day 10 (I can't believe it. I'll be done with P3 in no time)
    LDW: 158.2 lbs
    Today's Weight: 157.6 lbs (-0.6 lbs from LDW)

    So happy. Did an official FFF day yesterday and Lost 3.4 lbs.

    Here is what I've observed:

    I did two Greek yogurt days before using Dannon Greek yogurt one time and Fage the next. Both were 0% Fat. I added heavy cream to them both. I lost 1.4 lbs both those times. I was hearing ...
  4. P3 Day 7.....Cabbage Crust Pizza Pictures.....Sooooo Good!

    Monday June 13, 2011

    P3 Day 7
    LDW: 158.2 lbs.
    Today's Weigt: 160.00 (+1.8 lbs)

    I am up 1.8. I plan to do a Fage day today. For real this time. I got the Fage yogurt now. Last FFF day I used Dannon Greek. I lost 1.4, that was good, but I would like to try the actual Fage many have said they used, and compare. Hopefully I will lose more.

    I do realize I had some P3 "NO, No" foods. First I had a Breaded ChikN patty (soy patty). ...
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  5. P3 Day 6....Oopsie Roll Burger Pictures

    I made Oopsie Roll the other day for the very first time. I used them to make a burger. Yummy! I did not use the cream of tarter in mine.

    Cleopatra's Oopsie Roll Recipe:

    3 large eggs
    pinch of cream of tartar (1/8 tsp)
    3 ounces cream cheese (Do not soften)

    Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.

    Separate the eggs and add cream cheese to the yolks. Use a mixer to combine the ingredients together. In a separate bowl, whip egg whites and cream ...

    Updated June 12th, 2011 at 01:27 PM by aliyah7

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  6. P3 Day 4....Did Greek Yogurt Day Yesterday....Down 1.4....

    Friday June 10, 2011

    P3 Day 4

    LDW: 158.2 lbs
    Today's Weight: 158.2 lbs

    I did a Greek Yogurt Day yesterday and am down 1.4 lbs today. I had about 1330 calories, 85g Fat, 88g Protein. I did not get the 2 or 3 lb loss like many have claimed, but I did not use Fage either. I used Dannon Greek. But I am down, so that is all that matters.

    I've decided to stick with my LDW as my stabalizing weight instead of the P3 Day 1 weight. ...
  7. P3 Day 2.....Up 1.2 lbs from P3 Day 1......

    Wednesday June 8, 2011

    P3 Day 2
    Weight: 158.8 lbs(+1.2 from P3D1)Technically only +0.8 up from LDW
    Calories: approx. 982
    Protein: 52g

    So I woke up to a 1.2 gain (158.8 lbs) from yesterday, P3 Day 1. This was no surprise. My LDW was 158.2, but I wanted to use my P3 Day 1 weight (157.6) as my stabilize weight. I kind of went to town yesterday.

    Let me explain.... You see, I was so determined not to make this P3 into a twin P2. ...
  8. P3 Day 1....What I ate...

    Tuesday June 7, 2011

    P3 Day 1

    Weight: 157.6 lbs
    Calories: approx: 1155
    Protein: approx: 72g

    Breakfast (150 calories): 11am
    4 oz Voskos Greek Yogurt with Stevia
    1 Gala Apple

    Stomach started growling around 1pm so I had lunch.

    Lunch (214 Calories): 1pm
    2 C chopped green cabbage sauteed in 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil with onions, garlic & Jalepeno Pepper.

    Stomach started acting ...

    Updated June 7th, 2011 at 08:58 PM by aliyah7

  9. (VLCD33)- THAT'S IT! I QUIT! 9 days early...Off to P3!

    Sunday June 5,2011

    Yes, I did it. I finally quit my drops....9 days early. After puking green stuff (Excorcist flashback), I decided to quit. I have been feeling so sick to my stomach these last 4 days (puking twice). It always starts in the AfterNoon and ends in the evening. Crazy! I believe it is mainly due to not having much food in my stomach. I had got so sick (literally) of the foods I was eating and reverted to intaking mostly Protein Shakes. Tired of that too now and ...

    Updated June 5th, 2011 at 11:15 PM by aliyah7

    Tags: quit p2, vlcd33
  10. What in the World Happened to my Thigh Muscles!!??

    Thursday June 2,2011 (VLCD31)

    I felt my legs last night and was horrified! My thigh muscles were sort of soft and seemed to be smaller. My legs in general seemed to be smaller. I tried flexing them and they still were sort of soft. I freaked out and wanted to quit this diet. But I am so close to P3, I decided to ride it out. Maybe I freaking out to much. I have never had this happen before. Even when I was much more fatter and sedentary, My thighs always felt firm when I flexed ...

    Updated June 2nd, 2011 at 01:32 PM by aliyah7

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