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McDonalds, Taco Bell, & Latte's : )

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So I am sitting here with my husband (who is not on the diet or trying to be healthier) I have to go get dog food so he wants me to pick him up Mcdonalds or Taco Bell. After thinking of which one he wants he asks me which one is healthier!!!??? What!!!! LOL!

Anyway........ I am on VLCD 3 and I am down 4 pounds this morning. I have kept drinking my morning latte since I have started VLCD but I do not eat the fruit or any bread. It does have 1 cup of 2% milk! I do not like the texture of fruit (smoothie form only) and I hate the "carb choices" on the protocol. I have calculated the calories and i normally get up to 500 sometimes less. From not eating the "bread" and fruit I get the same sugar intake as well. I know after the first week my losses will become slower, especially with milk but for me I would not be able to even do this without SOMETHING I like. I swear the only thing I have been eating is chicken and lettuce because that is all I like thats on the diet. My latte keeps me GOING!!!

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  1. ClovisCupid's Avatar
    I could use a Latte about now... glad it hasn't effected you
  2. oconuteth's Avatar
    Great. I'll also start my diet menu today. Hopefully that will work. cluster rush