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Amanda Rabe

fake sugars

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I have been trying to post a comment on my blog about the choc fudge.

I cannot use anything that resembles fake sugar. I seem to have a low tolerance to chemicals in anything. Alas, I guess that is a good thing. I have been able to use agave with no prob and no gains here on P3. I prob will try to make the fudge with the agave and see how that works.

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  1. raggedyann's Avatar
    Xylitol and stevia are not fake sugars. Have you tried them? There aren't any chemicals in them either.
  2. Amanda Rabe's Avatar
    Stevia I am fine with, of course... Xy had me in the bthroom and hr later It seems that anything that has a chemical in it I react to. Just yesterday a friend made a cheesecake with the Capella drops which has the propelyn glycol, which others have had no prob with but I did, go figure
  3. turcotte's Avatar
    Stevia and xylitol aren't artificial sweeteners. Have you used them before? They don't contain any chemicals either.
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