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Amanda Rabe

milk chocolate delight

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Some things I want to try:

I have already tried choc delight with heavy cream thus making milk chocolate...

Next I want to try making milk chocolate the same way but without the chocolate...

Here is the milk choc recipe:
(definetly a P3 recipe)

1 sqare of unsweetened bakers choc

3T coconut oil

(dash of salt and some vanilla if you prefer) I keep forgeting to add this and yet it still tastes good.

1T agave

1T+ heavy cream (to milkiness)

Melt coconut oil and choc together add agave and stir.

I put my mix in a sm food processor to get the cream blended with the chocolate. Then put in your silicone muffin pan. Place in freezer and let it firm up.

For the white choc I am going to try all of that minus the unsweetened choc square. We shall see...

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