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cottage cheese?

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I am sick of chicken all ready! I am a very picky eater and do not care for a lot of meat. I have read in a couple places that low fat cheese or cottage cheese could be used in place of the meat. Has anyone ever tried this? Day 2 of a VLCD is going okay, I had some chicken that I made yesterday for supper and it was okay. I just really prefer it when it is made fresh! And that is a lot of dishes for such a small amount of food! I work nights every other weekend and I found when I first got up I was starving. Usually I am not so maybe this is a good thing, my body has lots of fat to feast on while I sleep! Feeling okay now but still have to make it all night.Not sure how tomorrow will be because I have to go back to a regular day shift schedule. The cottage cheese would be a good alternative if it would work. No preperation at all.


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  1. New Me Soon's Avatar
    cheese and cottage cheese are not allowed...not enough protein in them. I have seen that eggs may be used as a substitute for meat though...
  2. Tonks's Avatar
    I used amino acids and Walden Farms marinara for a change. Of course Miracle Noodles. Chicken and tilapia were my best meats. Beef seemed to slow my weight loss. Good luck!!
  3. New Me Soon's Avatar
    Also, how are you fixing it....you can try these recipes...

    Pam a pan, brown garlic, a small jalapeno and ground chicken breast. Add organic chicken broth, cilantro, and onion and chili powder and chopped tomatoes...you have chicken chili. I make this and seperate out a portion that I put beans in and that's hubby's

    Pam a pan, brown garlic and cubed chicken breast with braggs amino, add tomoatoes and have in a streamed cabbage leaf. I di this with filet mignon and even hubby eats this!

    My fav: 1 serving Organic chicken broth, add as much water as you like, garlic, dill, sage and onion powder...simmer for a bit to get flavors through. Add cubed chicken and chopped cabbage, salt and pepper...as long as you use 1 serving of broth, chicken and cabbage...if you add the extra water you can eat as much as you like