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Vlcd day1

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Well day one was not easy. Saturday is family day and we ended up at Burger King. I was strong and nibbled on some lettuce from a side salad. Got home and made some approved food. While I was not physically hungry I was emotionally. I caught myself reaching for snacks just because they were there. It was hard after eating because while I am not hungry, I am not full after eating. It is hard to let go of the idea that my stomach does not have to be full. Then this is my weekend to work so I am up all night. As soon as I get here they order pizza! I gritted my teeth and said no and warmed up some leftovers chicken. I am proud that I did not cheat.I am sticking by my decision not to weigh everyday, I do not want to be discouraged when the weight loss slows. I would really like to go the whole 40 days without weighing. I will feel better when my clothes are not tight and I do not feel like a bloated pig. One day down, a lot more to go.


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  1. readyforanewme's Avatar
    good for you for not cheating! My first week we ended up at a friends house and they had margaritas and steaks on the grill, I about died. But I stuck to it. Save your "cheats" for when you truly have no other option- and those days will come. If you are out of town or are out with family and friends with no option to order or bring what you want to eat just do the best you can. I think the not weighing for 40 days would be great but I needed the motivation. If I skipped the margarita and cookie dough dip I wanted to make sure it was worth it. So far I am down 16lb (not as much as some people but I dont think I have as much to lose) I have 16 days to go and am praying for 14 more pounds gone but if it doesn't happen I have learned so much- making good choices after I think will be the key. Good luck!
  2. Loul29's Avatar
    I took that route as well to not weigh myself everyday. I personally get so discouraged when I do not see a drop in weight or if I am not losing fast enough. I have these unrealistic expectations sometimes. What I am doing is on the days I do not weight myself, I go so far as to taking a picture of what the scale says and will eventually look at the pictures I took once I eventually feel good enough to weigh myself. It has helped me a lot and I have not gotten discouraged. I hope you do well on this weight loss journey!