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Sorry, I have not posted more pics but I have really been eating the same BAB meals. Here is a New York thin strip steak with 2 over easy eggs in coconut oil and an avocado and a cup of coffee.

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  1. Perseverance's Avatar
    just wondering if you eat anything other than breakfast. LOL
  2. Kellep's Avatar
    Oh how I miss those BAB's. Funny when I got up everyday and had to make breakfast I didn't like having to eat a BAB - now I miss it in P2 - no breakfast at all. What a change. It looks yummy!
  3. Sraines's Avatar
    Ok...I have to ask because I have no idea...What's BAB?
  4. Sraines's Avatar
    Okkkk...never mind..I see Big *** Breakfast...LMAO...funny
  5. justjoan060's Avatar
    Man, I've missed your pics!! I'm so close to that! I'm wondering if I can make fresh quac using the packaged seasoning. I don't like plain avocados that much. Or, use my own spices would probably be better. I see some people eat cocoa crack with breakfast, and as much as I love it, not so much for breakfast! Good to see you back!
  6. ambercakes's Avatar
    LOL. I eat almost anything for dinner (except for sugar, bread, starches, stuff like that). I eat until I am full but not overdo it. Yeah, sometimes I do overdo it, LOL, but thankfully I eat clean for a couple of days and I get back on track. But the BABs are the most important, I think.

    Justjoan060, I don't know what is in the guac package but check for sugars. Sometimes I just add garlic salt to the avocado slices to flavor them abit. It is actually pretty good. I did not care for cocoa crack. LOL. I'd rather do without. LOL. But it is good for the fats. Some even put it in there coffee, like melt it then put it in there. But not for me. LOL.