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Hi there! I know I have been only showing the breakfasts but if you do the protein between the 50-75grams and I most of the time, eat about 28 or less carbs in with that, then you should be good for that day, unless you overdo it for dinner. For instance for dinner, I eat taco salad until i'm full. Of course I don't eat the chips or starches or carbs. If you eat clean like that, then it is good. Sometimes I do overdo it and eat more than I am full and I gain about a pound the next day or 2 days later and what I do is just eat clean until I get back on track. Eating clean means: no cheese, no milk- no dairy or anything extra like that.

Using coconut oil, butter or bacon grease is what I cook with all the time now. It's awesome! I did eat alot of bad things this past Saturday for a party, such as 2 pieces of cake and pinto beans and Mexican rice. I gained alittle over 3lbs and it took me 4 days to get back on track and I am back again 0.4lbs under my last dose weight (LDW). I am very happy with this way of eating, go Primal. LOL. But thankfully I am back on track and can't wait to go into P2 again. Actually I am kinda nervous for some reason. LOL.

So for breakfast eat the 50-75g of protein, which I have been eating the lowest I can, usually 52-54grams. Eat no more than 28g of carbs. Eat within 30min of waking up. Eat only breakfast & dinner and have a time frame of at least 10hours between breakfast & dinner. Drink lots of water! I drink from 4-6 bottle waters, the 16.9oz ones a day. And use alot of coconut oil to fry or scramble your eggs in. Or use it to cook your meat. I have not been drinking milk. I don't do much cheese, usually only on a hamburger patty. I'm not big on cheese. LOL. I do use half & half or heavy whipping cream in my coffee. But these past 2 days, I have been using Nestle coffee creamer and it is doing good for me. I love that one better of course. LOL.

The other day for dinner I had 2 pieces of white bread for my burger and it also did nothing to my weight. But that was all I ate for dinner.

Another day I had pot roast for dinner with zucchini and some carrots and did good. I also ate nothing else. I ate till I was full.

Last week I ate McDonalds and it did nothing for me even for 3 days after. Believe me I was checking for a gain. LOL. I ate a small cheeseburger, 4 nuggets and small french fries. I think it's okay to eat this once in awhile but not all the time. I have been doing good not eating like this. But once a month is good for me. LOL.

So to sum it up, the breakfasts are the big thing, in my opinion. I believe if you eat toward the 50-54 grams of protein for breakfast and eat a primal dinner until you are full, then you may even lose weight. Good fats such as avocados are good for you. We can do this! LOL.

Happy Losing!

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  1. DaleP's Avatar
    Is this the hcg diet plan?
  2. ambercakes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DaleP
    Is this the hcg diet plan?
    Oops sorry, I don't think I stated that this was for the LR/P3 stage (leptin reset/phase3).