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Ambrosia Coleman

HCG Newcomer, Need Advice.

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I just started Hcg Pellets Monday, June 18th: so 5 days ago. I had started the HCG pellets after the last day of my menstrual cycle. Since I have started the protocol I have bled off and on. I have Mirena (IUD), so my cycle is always off now anyways- so I am not sure if I should keep taking the pellets, or stop and wait for the bleeding to cease?

Also, is eating less than 500 calories detrimental to my weight loss? I have been eating everything I am allowed to, the two fruit, the Melba toast; the lunch and dinner of 3.5 (100 g) of protein and 2 cups of veggies and still come up short by almost 100 calories!! Today was the first day that I noticed that I may possibly be stalling but am not 100% because sometimes my scale is off. That and I also realized that the booklet with my diet allows broccoli and the original does not. I happened to eat broccoli yesterday, so I am assuming that the broccoli may have been the culprit.

I am wondering if anyone else has this problem with consuming fewer than 500 calories? What do you do to up your calorie intake, or will it even hurt my weight loss?

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  1. pbially's Avatar
    Just from my experience with the pellets , i took them thru my TOM and did bleed more but it tapered off. i also had weight gain from TOM which i knew was water retention. I continued to the pellets and did just great.
    and there is always stalls and gains, don't panic. if you are following protocol your body will catch up. sometimes we loose inches instead of pounds!
    I never ate the melba toast and didnt always make the 500 cal either, but it didnt seem to have a huge a difference that I am aware of.
    Good luck and hang in because you are worth it!
  2. Ambrosia Coleman's Avatar
    Thank you Glad to see another user on here that is using/used pellets.