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Ambrosia Coleman

Triscuits Instead of Melba Toast?

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I heard we could replace our Melba, or Grissini with whole wheat crackers? Has anyone else replaced their Melba Toast with Triscuits? Today is my first day trying, so I am crossing my fingers that it works out.

This is my second time on HCG and I am beginning to feel like I am falling off the bandwagon and it's only a week into my VLCD. I felt like I had so much more will-power last time. I didn't remember it being this hard!

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  1. Deseret's Avatar
    Id just definitely watch the fat content from the nutrition facts I've looked up. Have you tried the garlic melba snacks? A lot of people experiment with different options so give it a go and see how it turns out!

    I'm on my second round too, you are not alone. I gag whenever I have to eat apples now. Hang in there!
  2. Ambrosia Coleman's Avatar
    Thank you! And I know that's why they are not recommended but I am sick of Melba toast. I will have to look for that other flavor. I will let you know how tomorrow goes when I weigh in.
  3. Deseret's Avatar
    I buy mine at Walmart for 1.86$, or they are at Safeway also for 3 something$ I believe. Its like eating mini croutons, the plain ones and you are just torturing yourself. haha

    Hoping yesterday went well for ya!
  4. curvygirl63's Avatar
    I got bored with Melba Toast and now use the grassini breadsticks.