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Dinner day 10! :D

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Well, I loved lunch so much that I had basically the same thing for dinner! :P Except for dinner, I ate 2 Beef livers (just to get my protein up more), 1 avocado, and mushroom slices. I also had a banana; one of my most favorite fruits. I haven't had one since starting HCG and I missed it so much! Haha

I really hope I get below 166 tomorrow! If I don't...(I never thought I would be saying this again, or do it again, BUT) I may just do another fage day. Yes, I know...I said FAGE...I had such great success...continue reading @ http://american-ily.blogspot.com/201...er-day-10.html

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  1. Ashlynloree's Avatar
    whats a fage day?