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Dinner dinner dinner! :)

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Okay, WOW...

So at around 3:30-4 I started getting hungry, but wasn't able to eat until about 5p and when it got to be 5, I was really hungry. What I have learned about myself is that when it comes time to where my hunger meter reaches 6 (on a scale of 1-10; 10 being hungriest) or over, I become irritated at anything and everything. =/ I try to control it and I feel so band when it happens, but it is a fact about me and I am definitely working on it!!!

Well, by the time I got home (around 5), I ate my mango first...and oh boy (!) was that the most difficult fruit I've ever eaten! I mean I have never cut a mango myself before, it has always been cut for me. Haha, the mango guts were all over my fingers and in between my teeth. It was...continue @http://american-ily.blogspot.com/201...-dinner-d.html


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