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P3 Day 6! :)

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Hehe, look at my breakfast! I was planning on making you a beautiful and perfect (after all...I am definitely a perfectionist...if you haven't noticed) omelet, but it came out like this. Even though I coated the whole pan with Coconut Oil, it still stuck in different places! However, I have to stop myself in my tracts from insulting my food...hah, in its entirety, it's a beautiful creation...if you look at it the right way. Now I just need to give it a unique name, then it will look like I meant to make it like this. :P

Picture @: http://american-ily.blogspot.com/2012/05/phase-3-day-what-is-it6.html

I was and still am very surprised at how much just the 2 eggs + veggies are satisfying me so far today. As most of you know; whenever I've had eggs the past mornings, I usually make 4 with veggies. Well, as the mornings would go on, I would end up feeling more and more full! If that doesn't make sense, then I have no idea how to explain it better...yes...after eating my eggs/veggies, I would feel more and more full as the morning went on, like I kept eating more food!! Let me tell you my point so that I don't ending up dragging this on forever into infinity; this morning, by just making 2 eggs with the Collard Greens and sliced Mushrooms, it definitely satisfied me and I don't feel full. I am not hungry, though.

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