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P3 day 7! Breakfast! :)

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Good morning everyone! (just to get this out of the way, I dropped down to 165 from 165.4...still 1 pound above ldw! -.-) It took me forever to get to sleep last night, but once it happened, I slept pretty well.
Oh, and you know what?! I got bloated again, last night before I went to bed. -.- I felt great after dinner, but then had that Cocoa Crack. Could it be that? I've been using Truvia, so maybe I'm sensitive to it. I will stop using the truvia for a few days and see how my weight does. I at least want to get to my ldw or under.
I can totally tell my body is starting to reshape! Its sooo cool! I'm getting my 'apple bottom' back! And my waist is getting smaller!! My back fat is seriously all gone, just about (other than the normal fat:P)!!!! I know that because when I used to put my hands on my waist/hips, 1 layer of back fat would sit on the top of my hands. Ick...but now, it's not!! COOL
Plans changed last night about the move, we're going to go see the Avengers today! And I can't wait because Dad and I are gonna go by Central Market and get a container of those dried mango slices! They are in lieu of the popcorn I would usually be having! Yummy! :P

So, I just had a very delicious breakfast, I wanna have...continue and see pics at http://american-ily.blogspot.com/201...breakfast.html

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