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Can Someone Explain the Significant Gain After Cheating?

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I will use this post from calientemomma as inspiration as I move forward with HCG
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Dr. S explains this in his book Pounds and Inches. He said the weight gain does not neccessarily equal the extra food in...you have changed your normal sodium levels and your body is retaining water to compensate for all the extra food you ate. Also, the extra activity will make you hold on to water as well. He says from any cheat, no matter how small, you will experience a stall or a gain (in your case this was a HUGE cheat, therefore a big gain) and you will most likely stall for 3 days. You will have to reloose the weight you gained from this cheat and carry on from there.

There is no need for concern about gaining all the weight back when you are finished as long as you stick to the protocol. You WILL gain it all back if you go off the hcg, and then immediately eat anything you want...that is NOT how you stabalize, that is why P3 and P4 are sooooooooooo important to the permanent loss. You must stabalize at the LIW by eating only proteins and fats on P3, and in this time you resume eating a higher calorie amount each day (if you try to continue eating low calories, your body will think that is all it needs to maintain this weight, and when you up your calories later, will gain and gain...so make sure you are eating the amount of calories that you will continue to eat for lifetime maintenence, but NO CARBS OR STARCHES at all in those 3 weeks, since your body will remain in ketosis while you are eating the protein and fat, and will learn how to burn the higher amount of calories to keep your weight stationary. THEN, after 3 weeks of maintaining the same weight, you enter p4, when you add in SMALL amounts of carbs at a time, while maintaining the same weight. If you go crazy and eat a large amount of carbs (like you did on your cheat) you will have a big gain, and you will have to do a steak day the next day. this will make it difficult to stabalize at that weight, and will lead to possibly gaining all your weight back after you finish. If you very slowly add back the starches and the sugars in small amounts one item at a time, you will see what causes you to gain and what doesn't. If you gain, go back a step to keep your weight stable. It may take you longer than the 3 weeks to reintroduce all the carbs if you are sensitive to them, but the key is SLOWLY reintroduce the carbs and let your body get used to using carbs for energy again, since it has been burning fat for so long, it thinks that it needs to convert all those carbs into fat for burning later...and GAIN weight back.

So don't dwell on this, or beat yourself up over it, just take is as "lesson learned" and move forward. But it will be very important to stick to the rules for going off the protocol if you want to maintain the losses you have worked so hard for. It sounds like you have done EXCELENT so far, so just get back on that wagon, and now you see for yourself how your body will react to a cheat, so if you do it again, you know what you are getting into....

Don't worry, those 4 lbs will come off again after your stall is over

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  1. Kellep's Avatar
    I cheated just a little one night and was shocked to gain a pound from so little food and it took me yes, three days to get back to losing. Not hardly worth it for sure. That was my one and only cheat..
    Good luck, it will start to come off again - that is the good news!