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Here is another entry to use when I feel weak and want to cheat or cave into the munchy hungries; hormonal or otherwise.
Thank you gracedancer for the post.
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I'm on day 13 and so far have done well with hunger, cravings, etc. Today has been horrible and in fact I had some carbs even though I know it will cause a gain. It is possible that I need to increase or decrease my dosage as I approach my TOM? If so, which one? I'm HHCG 10 drops three times a day but I"m not consistent with timing. Thanks.
I get really "muchie" just before TOM. It didn't change that desire when I had it last round and during maintenance, either. I used the time to discipline myself - it's hard!!! Find the crunchy foods to eat - or if you think you want to cheat - try chewing gum or something that won't give you tons more calories. I had some success drinking lots of tea with stevia flavors.

When I found out that my hunger was because of "hormonal munchies" I could control my thoughts a little better. I worked really hard on figuring out head hunger vs real hunger because I want a new set of habits when this is over. The "hormone munchies" are real hunger sometimes - but I found out that I won't die if I wait to eat until a meal. I kind of welcomed the hungry feeling sometimes, knowing that it meant my body was going to pull from the fat reserves to make it up.

That was strangely a revelation! Being a stay-at-home-mom, I can eat whatever, whenever I want (after all, I buy the groceries!). I realized that I can be in control and not let hunger rule my actions - even if it was true hunger. I am still learning (having "hormone munchies" this week, in fact) BUT!! I am determined not to let those urges rule my life - and my waist line!

Hang in there!!!!

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