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VLCD 12 Three Days and No Change

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Even though in the last three days, I have not lost any weight , I am still in ketosis and my clothes are getting looser .

When I got dressed this morning, I could not believe that I could not fit anything in my closet (except one pair of pants, which I had already worn twice this week). I am saving money on not buying a lot of food which lightens the blow of having to purchase new clothes. Tomorrow, I am planning to go shopping for a couple of new outfits.

I am excited about going shopping and trying on new and smaller sized clothes!!!! Yippy Yippy!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic week!!

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  1. Jamit30's Avatar
    I hear ya! Whooo hooo for you! Saving money, not fitting into your old clothes!

    I went to a store and tried on my normal size at The Gap (size 8), when I was on a stall and was completely surprised. Iwent down to a size 4!!!!!!! at The Gap!!!!!!!!! Incredible. I tried on another style of pants and the same thing happened. Of course, size 6 fit the best but a 4??? I had a gooooood day that day.