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VLCD 22 Loss of One Full Pound

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Ok so let's see if I can recreate the events of yesterday to get another one pound loss today and each day going forward.

Yesterday's Food List

12 oz hot Guayaki Yerva Mate organic tea
1 cup coffee

Lunch at noon-ish
100g baked chicken
2 cups of lettuce
1/2 apple
1 cup coffee

Dinner at 3pm-ish
100g of baked chicken
1/2 cup of red radishes (baked with the chicken)
1/2 apple covered in ground cinnamon

Night snacks - 7pm-ish
2 cups of spicy homemade chicken broth
2 cups of peppermint tea

Throughout the day
36+ oz of hot Guayaki Yerva Mate organic tea
2.2+ ltrs of water

I got very hungry around 2pm and drank tea and coffee to alleviate the hunger. When drinking the liquids did not work, I decided to eat the additional 100g of chicken, the apple with cinnamon and the radishes. I usually only eat a half of apple a day. I am thinking the difference between loosing 1# versus 0.6# is that I ate my dinner early and I ate when hungry. I did not conform to eating by the clock but by hunger. I had the urge to snack during the night but I was NOT hungry. I decided to drink chicken broth and tea instead of snacking on food. After my early dinner (3pm) I was not hungry the rest of the day.

I am going to see what happens today. I will eat lunch and dinner when hungry.

Have a fantastic day!!

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  1. justjoan060's Avatar
    That chicken broth for a snack sounds like a great idea to me! Satisfying!
  2. andiadams's Avatar
    Thanks justjoan060, it is really tasty and seems to be doing the trick of keeping my hunger at bay.