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VLCD10 No More Bragg's

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Well further proof that my body does not like Bragg's. I awoke this morning to a 3# loss!! Go figure.

I guess it is like having an allergic reaction to a food. My body appears to react to Bragg's by holding onto water (bloating) . This diet is really helping me to look at foods that disagree with my body. Even though I am quite frugal, I will be tossing out the Bragg's tonight . I am allergic to shellfish and I may also have a wheat allergy. So I am adding Bragg's to the list of foods I cannot eat. We will see how I do in P3 when I add starches back to my diet.

Happy hour with my friend morphed into dinner which was better. The dinner menu was more diet friendly. Did I follow the protocol during dinner? Yes and No. No in that I had a glass of wine, frozen yogurt, mixed vegetables and mix berries for dessert. Yes in that I had a grilled steak & "politely" ate a few bites of the meal. I took more than half of the dinner home & will either eat it slowly over the course of the next few days or give to DH.

Yesterday's food:
100 gr crockpot chicken
+/-100 gr grilled NY Strip
3 cups of spinach
1 apple
1 cup mixed lettuce dressed with fresh lemon juice
2 large spears of steamed asparagus no salt & no oil
1/2 cup of mixed berries
1/4 cup of frozen yogurt
1 cup coffee
1 cup espresso
3+ltrs water

Today's food plan:
200 gr protein
3 cups spinach
1-2 apples
1 cup tea
1 cup coffee
2-3 ltrs water

Good luck to you and have a fantastic day!

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  1. Dubbles's Avatar
    Good for u on your loss. Just a fyi: U really don't add starches back until p4. Sorry. P3 is basically like a Atkins, high protein, but with as many veggies (low starch) ones as u'd like, and minimal fruit, even. P4 is for addition of sugars and carbs. Sorry. BTW, good choice with grilled asparagus, u can have a lot of asparagus, it is so lo-cal. Put some in the oven, with spices, grill at 375 until how u like, and enjoy a Large portion with your protein. Yummy. I may have that tonite.
  2. andiadams's Avatar
    Hi Dubbles, thank you for the P3/P4 reminder and the support. Have a great day!!