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My Proposed Fitness Routine for Round 3...

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I started my 3rd round of HCG on April 12th (3 days of loading) and below is my proposed fitness plan;

I did not exercise or do a whole lot of moving the first 2 weeks of P2 (week 2 ends today, April 27th, 2014), partly because I've had zero energy and motivation and also because I wasn't taking any supplements (too broke), except B12. I intend to add MSM soon for potassium and added nutrients. I have to mentally psych myself into some activity during VLCD...

- Week 3: Start taking the stairs to the 12th floor everyday (gradually increase to 24th floor). Hot yoga (moksha flow) on Sunday. *Add Vitamin C to supps (good combo with MSM)

- Week 4: Continue taking stairs. Add SWAT (intense DVD workout) 3Xs and Hot yoga 2Xs

- Week 5 (last week of P2): Same as above but a little more intense. *Add more needed supplements

- Week 6/7 (1st weeks of P3: Same as above but increase Swat to 5Xs
**Might start a Parasite cleanse now

- Week 8 (last week of P3): if feeling strong enough start P90X program (substitute Yoga X and Stretch X with Hot Yoga)

- Week 9/10/Etc: increase fitness intensity and food without the stress of stabilizing

NOTE: During VLCD/P2 I increase my protein intake juuust a little, specifically on the days my workouts are longer or intense. Last 2 rounds I used to switch up my meals by alternating all my veggies at lunch and protein at dinner. And that seemed to help keep the momentum and losses/ stabilizing were stable for the most part
On the days I do hot yoga, I drink loads more water and herbal teas than usual and I eat after the class (protein helps recover your muscles)

That's the plan I wrote in my journal recently (I may tweak it as I go). Maybe it will give someone some ideas for their own plan. I'm also open to other suggestions and input... I really really want to follow through with this. So help me God!

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