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I'm holding on at 201.5

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It just seems like the closer I get to under 200 I cheat I know this sounds crazy and I can't explain why I do it ,it must be something mental so I decided I will not get on a scale for atleast two more weeks follow the plan as much as possible and see if I can break this mind game,

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  1. BarbM's Avatar
    This is my second time doing HCG.. The first time was a year ago i lost 48.6 lbs. i did two rounds.. but the closer I got to drop below 200 i just fought every effort.. I am on my 2nd day after loading and down 11 lbs.. I am determined to get below 200 this time.. I just keep telling myself. I am ok to be less then 200 lbs. its ok to be there. I sabotage myself each time, but this time I know I am deserving of this. I deserve this. And you too deserve this.