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  1. Ready to get after it! P1d2

    Ok after a rough start with hhcg drops I'm ready to tackle this!.

    I'll weigh tomorrow & that will be p2d1 of 26 days of drops.

    I tried the last 20 days using the 2.0 protocol but craved so much sugar that I was constantly using sugar alcohols which hurt my gut & my loses.

    I'm scared of apples. I'm going to start with berries.

    I really hope I'm under 157 tomorrow, but we'll see.
  2. Aniebee daily hcg blog😊

    So I'm keeping myself accountable with my daily blog!

    Vlcd 3

    Starting post load 156
    Current: 152.6

    Going with an under 800 calorie diet. Did 500 for two days & super tired & weak. Skipped my dose today since I've been super hungry all day every day. A bit better so far!

    I'm using numedical pellets- big mistake!! So hard to modify dose, I'm at 3/4 pellet/ day so far. After today will make it 1/2 each day with the 800 calorie ...